A Call to Purity, by Rhonda Hughey and Wes Adams


*"A Call to Purity" Book Now Available!*

With a real sense of urgency and prompting from the Lord, Wes Adams and I
have completed the booklet "A Call to Purity" to respond to what the Holy
Spirit is saying to the Church about purifying herself and preparing for His
presence. This is in important resource for those believers, congregations
and communities longing to see God's presence restored unto transforming

***Why This Call to Purity?*

**In our post-modern age, which is highly subjective, the Church must
recover the **objective truth and standard of God's written Word. We must
know, based on the authority of the Scriptures, what we believe and why we
believe it. Among the many targets of relativism in our culture is the
subject of sexual lifestyle and behavior. Our culture is preaching a message
of sexual freedom and license through the media, education, entertainment
and the culture of political correctness. This pervasive relativistic
message is eroding the spiritual convictions and moral standards of God's
people. Sexual immorality is invading the Church like a plague.

We must recover the objective truth and clear teaching of the Bible with
regard to sexual purity and how to be overcomers in the midst of relentless
temptation to immorality. Both youth and adults again need to be discipled
in what God says in His Word about this matter.

Part One of *A Call to Purity* defines clearly what God says in His Word
about sexual immorality and why sexual purity is so important. Part Two of
the booklet underlines the importance of confessing our sin and turning from
sexual sin at all levels - verbal, visual and physical. Part Three provides
Scriptural ways to say no to temptation and compromise, ways to submit to
God and resist the devil, and ways to be real overcomers in daily life. Part
Four of the booklet provides seven commitments to purity as suggested
guidelines for making a *corporate* covenant of purity at a congregational

*Who Will Benefit from A Call to Purity?*

1. *Adults* - Christian adults need to hear again the Word of the Lord
concerning its strong message about the wrongness of adultery and all other
forms of sexual immorality. Because we have become lukewarm, we are
vulnerable to the message and addictions of our culture. Pornography, sexual
abuse, fornication and adultery are pervasive among adults in the Church

2.* Parents* - This booklet will help parents disciple their children and
teenagers regarding sexual purity according to God's Word. It will also help
them form a biblical worldview and thereby defend themselves against the
rising tide of immorality in our culture.

3. *Youth* - This booklet will help ground young people in the objective
truth and moral standards of God's Word. It will help protect Christian
youth by clearly defining God's moral boundaries in contrast to the world's
definition of "normal" sexuality and the peer pressure that results.

4. *Leaders & Congregations* - This booklet will help leaders lead their
congregations out of the mire of sexual confusion and worldly compromise,
and back to the plumbline of purity according to God's Word and holiness.
The "Call to Purity" will help leaders shepherd their flocks to be a pure
and chaste Bride of Christ.

5. *Communities* - Sexual immorality is a major obstacle to God coming in
His manifest Presence and Glory to dwell in a community. Therefore, rooting
out sexual immorality through repentance *among God's people* is necessary
preparation for transforming revival.

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Rhonda Hughey


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