Are You Running Low On Oil?
Recent events have shaken not only the world but also the Church. So much fear, confusion, grieving and pain. What is going on? What is the Lord doing in the middle of the shaking?
The doors and windows have swung open wide and the Lord is calling His Church out of Her lethargy and dullness into Her identity and destiny. Don't be mistaken - this will be the finest hour of the Church! Jesus is longing to touch the hearts of people everywhere who are looking for security and hope in the midst of the turmoil and confusion. The stage is set for revival, the question is - is the Church prepared?
We hear things like 85% of Americans consider themselves "christian" or that we are a "christian" nation, etc. While it's encouraging that many people believe in a higher power and pray, the true condition of the Church in the United States is startling according to recent surveys by Barna Research Group:
  • there has been no net church growth (by conversion) in any county in the U.S. for 20 years and 4,000 churches close every year
  • it is estimated that 10 million of born again Christians are unchurched which means it's not just the world that is disillusioned by the Church but the Church is as well!
  • it is estimated that 41% of people IN the church haven't accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. We need a harvest IN the Church before the Church can bring in the harvest from the world!.
What does this mean? It means we have a huge gap between our perceived spiritual condition and the reality of our spiritual condition. This gap has caused a double-mindedness and lack of effectiveness in the Church. We have lost our righteous standard and therefore much of our spiritual influence and authority. We are being tossed about as a result - looking more like the world than the Bride of Christ and agent of transformation and restoration in the earth. Our hearts have become divided in our affections, our eyes are cloudy and our hearing dull. Jesus addressed this situation in His letter to the Church of Laodicia when He rebuked them for their lukewarmness. He said "you say 'I am rich, have acquired wealth and don't need a thing'. But you don't realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind and naked" Then, He counsels them to buy from Him gold refined in the fire, white garments to cover their nakedness and eye salve that they may see.
I believe the Lord is saying this very thing to His Church in the United States. We must recognize our spiritual poverty and humble ourselves and ask Him for mercy that He may turn to us, and heal our land.
The Church must begin to walk in Her destiny and minister with authority as a reflector of His glory and releaser of His life into our communities. We are living in critical days, the window of opportunity is open for God to send revival to His people. He longs to lead us out of our captivity!
The shaking and purifying work begins in His house. If we aren't walking in freedom and righteousness what hope does our city have? If the Church doesn't look like Jesus where will people go to find comfort and peace?
The counsel of Jesus in Luke 12:35 is key in preparing us for the days ahead. He encourages us to be "dressed, ready for service and to keep our lamps burning". In order to be prepared, we must have fresh, pure oil in our lamps! We must be alert and watching. What is the condition of your oil? Are you running low? Let Jesus refill you with fresh, pure oil that will burn brightly!
Beloved, even in the midst of confusion and chaos, we have a Rock, we have a purpose and we have a destiny! Ask Him for gold refined in the fire, ask Him for pure white garments and ask Him for eye salve that we may see clearly in the days ahead.
Copyright 2005 Fusion Ministries, Inc