Changing the Spirtual Climate on Cape Cod: Beginning by Ourselves, by Melissa Konrad

 I believe a group called Cry Out America (or something like that) wanted
Christians everywhere to gather outside courthouses across the country @
noon on Thursday, September 11, 2008 to pray for America & to call back our
nation to God & to repentance & faith in Him. So...I went to the Barnstable
County Courthouse. Unfortunately, due to public transit, I arrived about
12:45 pm...probably too late to catch any group that might have been there.
Still...I was very disappointed to not even find a group that might have
just broken up after praying together. Still; I wanted to do my part. The
"back" of the Barnstable County Courthouse is actually the front (not the
part facing 6A). this back part is a nice little grove of trees
& a few picnic tables; nice place for a picnic. Anyway...I sat down @ 1 of
these picnic tables & I prayed for my country & its leaders, I prayed for
Christians across the Cape & churches to be bold enough to speak God's Word
& live out His Word daily in their lives. * I prayed that, even if we are
Christians, we would repent of any evil that may be in our lives & churches
so that God's holiness could invade us in a significant way.* Then I read
my Bible; reading a chapter of my devotional book and also Joel, Chapter 2.
Then; I actually sang, full voice, (or as much as my throat would allow!)
every hymn I knew! @ 1st I was a little self conscious. But then, I knew I
was worshipping God, so I didn't care. I ended my devotional hour w/"God
Bless America". I stood up as I sang. I hoped a few other people would
join me in singing the song, but no one did. Oh well. However; I knew I
had done my part in asking God to bless my country &* I also knew God
accepted my worship time.* It was also time to catch the bus home. More
importantly, though; I hope we will all continue to pray for our country,
especially as this election season closes in November. It will be important
to elect God's man! Just out of sheer curiousity, did anyone show up @ the
Barnstable County Courthouse to pray, or the Orleans Courthouse?

I'd like to express a few other thoughts. Gathering as a group, or even one
individual, to pray in a demonstration or assembly; will not in itself
change anything. *It takes God's people being willing to live their lives
in a radically different way than the world. Maybe that means rearranging
our schedules so that we don't go shopping on Sundays & not buying into the
excessive materialism @ Christmas time @ the Mall. Maybe it means getting
rid of our own private sins & being honest w/God (such as stopping smoking &
losing weight because our bodies are the temples of God). It means teaching
our kids the old fashioned values of respecting other people & their
property (not stealing or trespassing or destroying public or private
property). It means staying pure & no sex until marriage! It means showing
tough love (but Jesus' love!) to our children (even adult children!) if
they're battling drugs or they say they're gay. We must love the sinner,
but HATE the sin. We help the sinner to get medical or other spiritual
counseling in order to help that person turn from his sin to Jesus. When
the world sees Christians loving each other as well as the world in general,
& when they see the difference in our lives that Jesus can make...only then
will the rest of the world sit up & take notice & want the Jesus we
profess! *
* *
*I pray for all churches & pastors that are a part of this group on Cape
Cod. Revival is needed in our churches as well as on Cape Cod in general!
I pray that it begins in me & my church!* Please keep me informed of any
general prayer/revival meetings on Cape Cod (such as the one that was held
in Sandwich & also @ Cape Cod Community College). Thank you.


Melissa Konrad