Engaging the Mind in Corporate Worship

 Excerpts from J.P. Moreland's Book Love Your God With All Your Mind:
The Role of Reason in the Life of the Soul

Chapter Eight: Worship, Fellowship, and the Christian Mind:

"The essence of worship is the intentional ascription of worth,
service, and reverence to the Lord. Worship can take place in public
or private, in individual or corporate ways. In face, for the
integrated believer, in one way or another, everything in life can be
understood as an act of worship. In this sense worship is expressed in
one's overall approach to life an in every area of life (Romans
"There is another aspect of worship that is extremely important [...]
Theologians describe God as a maximally perfect being. This means that
God is not merely the greatest, most perfect being who happens to
exist. He is the greatest being that could possibly exist. If God were
merely the greatest being who happens to exist, it would be possible
to conceive of a case where a greater god could come along (even if
such a being did not actually exist) or where the real God grew in His
excellence. In these cases, our degree of worship ought to increase
and, therefore, a God who just happened to be the greatest being
around (and who could be surpassed in excellence) would not be a
worthy object of total worship. Fortunately, the God of the Bible is a
maximally perfect being; that is, He is the greatest being that could
possibly exist. It is impossible for a greater being to supersede God
or for God Himself to improve Himself in any way. Thus, Gos is owed
our supreme, total worship. This is why Scripture calls idolatry the
activity of giving more dedication to something finite than to God.
*God is worthy of the very best efforts we can give Him in offering
our respect and service through the cultivation of our total
personality, including our minds.*"