Salvation to the Uttermost, by David Sliker

 " The glorious destiny of all beleivers is to be with God for
eternity. Unfortunately, many people live mostly for today. They live
in fear before God and man because they feel they have much to lose
by submitting to God's leadership. They are content to hope God's
eternal destiny for them will somehow work itself out later. This is
not God's desire for any of us, and Jesus is completely committed to
the Father's plan to introduce a pure and spotless Bride. God's plan
for the church is far better than we can imagine, and far better than
what most people labor for, in their daily lives. God's plan involve
more than just our initial salvation. It involves our being "saved to
the uttermost". The author of Hebrews wrote,
"Therefore, He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to
God through Him, since He always lives to make intercession for them"
Heb 7:25

Jesus lives to make intercession for all believers. When we come to
the Father through Him, He fights for us night and day. He prays to
the Father continually for us, that we would be "saved to the
uttermost". Jesus contends for much more in our lives than only our
initial salvation from hell. Our prayer to accept Jesus Christ and
receive salvation is but the beginning of our journey to uttermost
salvation. Salvation in its fullest sense means to be delivered into
saftey. When David appealed to the "God of His salvation", uttermost
salvation was on his mind. He was thankful to God, who delivered him
from all his enemies.

Jesus is a safe Savior. Though loving Him can seem risky and does
involve intense trials, He is still our safest choice. We don't always
believe this. We often speak in bold but empty phrases and cliches
about victory, but are unwilling to risk moving out of our comfort
zones or releasing our false notions of saftey to go where He leads
us. Our places of comfort thus become our prisons. Believers gripped
by hidden or deep-rooted fear find it difficult to encounter Jesus as
He truly is: Savior, Bridegroom, King, AND Judge."

Written by David Sliker, on the ministry team of the International
House of Prayer in Kansas City.