The Father's Heart for the Bride of Christ, by David Sliker


"The desire of Jesus's heart is to see His Bride come forth loving and
trusting Him totally, leaning upon Him (Song 8:5). In order for this
to happen, we must learn and determine to depend on Him now and enter
into abandonment to Him at the highest level. We must whole-heartedly
accept His agenda and leadership. To abandon ourselves to Jesus, we
must voluntarily embrace weakness. He wants us to wholly trust Him for
all of our provision, wisdom, desires and sanctification (1 Cor.
2;30-31). Our destiny is to find our glory in Him alone, not in our
giftings, strengths or riches (Jer 9:23; 1Cor. 1:31; Phil. 3:3). When
she is mature, the church will no longer have any confidence in or
ties to the things of the world, but have total confidence in Jesus
and the things of God.

We are by nature full of pride, which moves us to assert ourselves and
operate in a spirit of independence. In His mercy and lovingkindness,
God removes our pride by His shaking and chastisement. He moves with
jealous zeal to eliminate our desire to find comfort and contentment
according to our own wills. He knows our sinful nature causes us to
despise weakness and lean on anything and anyone other than God to
find comfort when we are distressed.
Even in times of prosperity and blessing, we often give up our
dependency on God. We become intoxicated with our own importance and
gratified by our own achievements and we are thus easily knocked off

Authentic humility developed in us by God through grace, will position
us to walk in true authority. Authentic humility rightly exalts Jesus
at all times, in blessing and in trial. As we come together in
corporate prayer and worship, we will be forced to deal with one
another and face our hidden wrong attitudes and pride. As we do, we
will develop meekness, and meekness will be the dominant
characteristic of the coming victorious church."

Written by David Sliker, on the ministry team of the International
House of Prayer in Kansas City.