The Holy Spirit: Dead Churches, by A.W. Tozer

 The Holy Spirit: Dead Churches
By A.W.Tozer

*...These things says He who has the seven Spirits of God and the seven
stars: "I know your works, that you have a name that you are alive,
but you are dead."
*--Revelation 3:1

I think we are going to have to restudy this whole teaching of the
place of the Holy Spirit in the Church, so the Body can operate
again. If the life goes out of a man's body, he is said to be a
corpse. He is what they call "the remains." It is sad, but humorously
sad, that a strong, fine man with shining eyes and vibrant voice, a
living man, dies, and we say, "the remains" can be seen at a funeral
home. All the remains of the man, and the least part about him, is
what you can see there in the funeral home. The living man is gone.
You have only the body. The body is "the remains."

So it is in the Church of Christ. It is literally true that some
churches are dead. The Holy Spirit has gone out of them and all you
have left are "the remains." You have the potential of the church
but you do not have the church, just as you have in a dead man the
potential of a living man but you do not have a living man. He
can't talk, he can't taste, he can't touch, he can't feel, he can't
smell, he can't see, he can't hear--because he is dead! The soul has
gone out of the man, and when the Holy Spirit is not present in the
Church, you have to get along after the methods of business or
politics or psychology or human effort. The Counselor, 112-113.

"Lord, send Your Holy Spirit in power, that we might not be a dead
church, striving to look alive, pretending to function as though
alive, while the life is actually gone. Amen."