When Will Revival Come? by A.W. Tozer

 "Is it possible that the Christian church is now satisfied to accept
God as simply the God of history? Does it feel no need for individuals
to meet God in living, personal experience ?
We do have God in history and Christ in history. But where is the
emphasis on the need for a tranforming encounter with the living God
who transcends history?... We are not consciuosly aware of God in our
midst. We do not seem to sense the tragedy of having almost completely
lost the awareness of His presence.

I pray that the churches in this day may reap the joys and fruits of
graciuos revival and the deep inward awareness of God's presence.
Revival and blessing comes to the church when we stop looking at a
picture of God and look at God Himself. Revival comes when, no longer
satisfied to know about a God in history, we meet the conditions of
finding Him in living, personal experience.Conversley. revival cannot
come if we are far removed from God. It cannot come, if instead of
hearing His voice, we are content with only an echo..

I hold fast to the opinion that our God is ever trying to reveal
Himself to us. There is no way for us sinful men and women to find our
way into God's presence unless He reveals Himself and appears to us.
When I say "unless He appears to us," I do not mean that God is trying
to appear to our physical eyesight. Rather, He is trying to appear to
the eye of our soul through our inner conciousness. I think you will
agree that this is not a new concept for serious-minded believers.

Christians are generally comitted to the perception that it is
possible to see more clearly with the heart than with the eyes. It is
possible to feel more tenderly with the heart-our innermost being-than
to feel with the tips of our fingers. Never apologize for your inner
eyes! They are the real eyes for diserning the nature of issues most
important to God. Your physical eyes can fool you, but the eyes of
your inner being will give you true guidance.
The apostle Paul wrote about his experience of being caught up into
the third heaven. He yold us of his vision-the things he was shown.If
he had seen those things with his physical eyes, his eyes would have
been burned away!
When we see God with the eyes of our hearts, God is fulfilling His
purpose to appear to us....

In the Old Testament, the writer of the Proverbs taught that true
spiritual knowledge is the result of a visitation of heavenly
wisdom...We need to learn and to declare again the mystery of wisdom
from above. Truth consists not mereley in correct doctrine, but in
correct doctrine to which is added the inward enlightment of the Holy
It is apparent that we cannot know God by the logic of reason. Through
reason we can only know about God. Through the light of nature, our
moral reason may be enlightened, but the deeper mysteries of God
remain hidden to us until we have received illumination from above. "
A man can receive nothing, excpet it be given him from heaven" John 3:
27. He was not referring to men's gifts. He was speaking of spiritual

Divine truth is of the nature of teh Holy Spirit, and for that reason
it can be received only by spiritual revelation.
God made us in His own image. he placed within us a capacity for God-
knowledge, a capacity to know spiritual things. When our foreparents,
Adam and Eve, sinned, that potential died. Thus, "dead in sin" is a
description of that part of our being in which we should be able to
know God in conscious awareness.
And what have we done to compensate for the loss? We have been forced
to depend upon our minds-the seat of our powers of reason and

In his New Testament letters, the apostle Paul declares again and
again, the inability of human reason to discover or comprehend divine
truth. In that inability we see human despair.
John the Baptist said, "except it be given him from heaven." We are
men and women born into this world, and this is our hope. These words
do certainly mean that there is such a thing as a gift of knowing, a
gift that comes from heaven. Jesus promised His disciples that the
Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, would come and teach them all
things. He explained Peter's knowledge of His Saviour as being a
direct revelation from the Father in heaven. In one of Jesus' prayers
He said, "I thank thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because
thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast
revealed them unto babes" Mathew 11:25"

From A.W. Tozer's book " Men who met God", Chapter 12 "When will
revival come?"