A Quick Response, February 7, 2011

 Dear friends,
I just read the update from Saturday's Glory of God prayer and worship
meeting at Barnstable High School. I wanted to bring a brief and speedy
response to the way in which the Lord prompted the group to *apply *what the
Lord is saying to us as churches. I believe those short paragraphs contain
a clear, albeit brief, statement that clearly sets forth the values of
GOGCC, and places us within the confines of historic Christianity.

Taken together, the statement is balanced, nuanced, Biblically strong and
mature, clearly focused and easy to understand. I would think it would be
hard for any Christian or pastor to find fault with it.

I intend to take this document to my church, to preach through it --
recognizing these as historic truths and values to which the Church of Jesus
Christ has long held. I invite other Cape Cod pastors to do the same,
emphasizing these values as basic and fundamental to the normal Christian
life. There is nothing weird, odd, or super-spiritual here. This is simply
the Church, being the Church the way Jesus intended His Bride to be.

May God's manifest presence embrace us and fill our hearts as we put feet to
His Word.
In Jesus,
Ed de la Cour

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