Amazed but not Rob Shepitka

 Dear Brethren,

I am a Pastor at Light of the World Church in Albany, NY and the
Directing Elder of the Northeast House of Prayer. I "stumbled" across
your promotional video while looking at another that was emailed to
me. I cannot express to you how my heart leapt when I watched the
video! A Sacred Assembly on Cape Cod!!?? The Lord spoke to you all
in the fall of 2004?

I was on vacation on Cape Cod with my family in July, 2004. On our
last day, we left the Cape and went to Plymouth. Little did we know
that the Manifest Presence of the Lord was waiting for us there. We
had an encounter that has changed the direction of our lives and is
about to change the direction of our nation. IN THE FALL OF 2004, we
hired a tour bus and came back with 30 people from our faith community
and we spent the entire day praying (and repenting), mostly at the
FOREFATHERS MONUMENT. We believe that the Lord is going to manifest
His glory through His church again, even as He did through our
forefathers, the Pilgrims.

I know it was the Lord's providence that allowed me to find you.

Serving with you,
Rob Shepitka