An Encouraging Vision, June 16, 2009

 An old, pre-Cape friend visited our church over the weekend....He knew nothing about what has been happening
here on the Cape the past five years; God also has given him visions in the past....During the service, the Lord gave him
a vision that has striking similarities to visions others on the Cape have received recently. He saw the Risen Lord
standing in ocean water up to His waist, off the shore. His hands were extended, as if inviting us to Him. God's people
had gathered on the beach. There were ripples around Jesus, moving out toward the shore and the people. My friend
saw those ripples as representing His love for us---His empowering love for us...There was a sense that the Lord was
calling us to Him for a great purpose that will impact the whole of the Cape!

At least two others in our body have had very similar visions. I hope my friend's vision gives you encouragement.

David Otis, First Light Church