Cape Cod Prays: Your Feedback, January 21, 2009

 Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Thank you for to all those who shared their feedback about the prayer
gathering "Cape Cod Prays" with us. We find it very helpful. Below are
excerpts of what we received so far. If you have thoughts or feedback on
that gathering and you would like to share them with us, we welcome your


The Glory of God on Cape Cod team

Greetings Glory of God on Cape Cod team,
It was a time of special blessing to join brothers and sisters in Christ to
unite in one accord to pray for Cape Cod. i believe The Holy Spirit moved in
a mighty way on our behalf. The scriptures say that God inhabits the praises
of His people. It was encouraging to hear the heartfelt prayers of so many
believers...from those new in The Faith to others who have walked with The
Lord for decades. Thank you all for your obedience to serve God in this
ministry for a time such as this!
Much love In Jesus, Our Lord,
janet kaiser


I was a little disappointed that prayers were not said for God to get hold
of President Elect O'bama's heart. We need to pray for our leaders. I was
especially touched by the little boy that prayed and said we need Jesus
because he died for us. I am glad that he was given the opportunity to
express himself. I do think that it might be better to have individuals come
to pray in various segments of the time slot rather than all at the end.
Perhaps this would help the assembly to end at the designated time.

God Bless, Fran


Hallelujah, Jesus, for what You accomplished in Your Family at Cape Cod
Thank you, Lord, for showing Your children how hungry we are to come into
Your throne of grace. Our spirits soared as we looked at the number of
people hungry to sit on your lap or pray at your feet for the Body and for
the lost. Your love abounds in the heart of Your people and Cape Cod Prays
was a wonderful time of strengthening and encouragement!
Lord, I love that You turned 4C's into Your house of prayer! If possible,
would You allow us more time together to pray next time? You are such a
wonderful God to allow us all to come together and share our hearts with You
and with the Body. It's been awhile since we felt like a united family. In
You, we operated as members of one Body, each praying as You lead us and, as
a whole, lifting up Your intentions!! We also loved the nameless, faceless
nature of the format which leveled us all as children of the Most High God!

The message was timely and mighty; timely in the awareness of deception in
the overexcited political arena and mighty in the warning not to compromise
in any place along our walk, no matter how much the world applauds
compromise. Bring us more strong messages, Lord, to keep our hearts full and
our minds renewed!!

Praise You, Father, Son and Holy Spirit for rejoicing over us in song!

Dennis and Maura


The only comment I have is that the "open mic" prayers either need to be cut
out or only allow a certain amount of people to speak. I know that won't be
easy but it did go on for too long.



It was interesting to see that many who came forward to the microphone
wanted only to preach, not pray. Since this happened, perhaps it would be
good to offer to those who want to share in their words with those who speak
from the stage in the organized process rather than take up time from those
who were motivated to pray should it be possible to distinguish the
difference.. *My overall view of the meeting is that we definitely need more
of them*. I sat in the back and prayed for all as I observed. I think as far
as the worship team goes, they could have lowered the sound a bit during the
prayer session as it was blasting us in the audience. I think at the last
part of the prayer message the sound was softer, thank you.

My overall opinion is thank you for the opportunity to revere our Savior and
Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for providing a place big enough to do this. It
would be helpful to have a solid prayer meeting with Elders from the various
churches available to pray for others who are hurting that come forward
seeking healing as well as leading the group of us along in the prayer
service to keep our focus as they contribute in prayer with us so we do not
drift from the reasons we are called there.
Thank you.
I prayed that the visual and audio worked well and it exceeded my desires.
I prayed for Pastor Phil's message of the Holy Spirit plant seeds in us to
grow our faith in Christ.
I believe the majority were moved toward Christ through his message.
Blessings, David


While I thought it was a great time of coming together, the sermon was a bit
long and i prefer the idea of more than one pastor participating..some more
guidelines need to be in place for those like the young man who came forward
and shared how he was having such a diificult time..we need to have prayer
counselors available, where one can go for prayer during the meeting..I
would have REALLY liked to have had the lights dimmed, it sets apart the
time and takes the focus off of each other and places it on our reason for
coming together...peace in His name.....

Holly Abbate


Did enjoy the prayer service with a fine message. All was focused. Thank you
for all your work toward such a worthwhile end. Now is the time to share and
live the way Christ would have us live.
Ann Russell


Thank you for all the time and effort you put into getting this up and
running. I thought the praise and worship ushered in the Holy Spirit
beautifully. The message was powerful, though I am sure it made some
uncomfortable (as evidenced by one of the prayers that stressed a
nonjudgmental heart), and the prayer time was a rich opportunity.

The only thing I was concerned about was the length of time some people
took in praying. I don't know how you limit it since sometimes it is
being directed by the Spirit but other times it was not.

Thanks again



I attended the previous gatherings like "Cape Cod Sacred Assembly", and I
see a progression in our gatherings together now where we are allowing more
room for the Holy Spirit to move now. Good meeting.