Cape Cod Sacred Assembly Feedback

 God bless You. I enjoyed it very much. I am asking if we can do it more often,like once a month? God is really moving here so why stop him from moving keep him and all of us moving forward. Hopefully it will increase everytime. in Gods love. Eric-Stephen :Genson


The worship team was great. I was really blessed by their Spirit led
worship. The time of confession from the pastors touched my heart too. I
do wish that we had been able to hear John Peden when he did the
congregation confession. We came away encouraged by how many Christians are
ready here on the Cape. For so long we have heard that there aren't many
Christians out here, but this even showed us we are not alone.
We wait with anticipation. Peace to you Cheryl Meservey


Dear friends, I am so happy to see the churches of Cape Cod coming
together in worship of our Lord, Jesus Christ. The Sacred Assembly was a
wonderful and spirit filled gathering of the saints. I look forward to
the next gathering. I want to thank everyone who put in so much effort
to put the event together - it was a lot of sacrifice of time and work,
but well worth the wonderful outcome. I have heard nothing but praises
for the event and it was a blessing to me. Thank you so much and may God
bless you, Caryn Samuell Gateway Christian Center


I was blessed to be with brothers and sisters from so many churches and
I pray that we keep on meeting together.   Grace Filliman, lst light


Dear Brothers & Sisters, What a Blessing to Pray, confess and Praise to the Lord together. It was extremely touching to witness our pastors humbling seeking forgiveness I forget sometimes that you all are human too. The Holy Spirit was moving among us and through all aspects of the assembly I want to also give thanks and praise to the Lord for being with the worship team and its leaders I Look forward to seeing what our heavenly Father does next.

In His love, Leslie Van Ness Cape Cod Bible Alliance.


I feel very blessed to be part of the Sacred Assembly and feel grateful to all those who helped to bring it to fruition. As a result, I feel my walk with the Lord is now much closer and my priorities are much clearer. I believe that God will manifest Himself because of our corporate commitment to serve Him.  Michael Long

Thanks be to God, and all who prepared and came!

I sent the following to my daughter -

"Our meeting on Saturday was not so much a retreat as a Sacred Assembly,
devoted to repentance and intercession by Christians on Cape Cod. Like
the Israelites, repentance for our sinful contributions to the state of
the "culture," and then, intercession, asking God's presence and our
reform, in unity for FOUR hours.

There were hundreds there, with powerful time of repentance, led by the
pastors, followed by everyone else. Prayers in small groups throughout
the auditorium. Excellent worship music by a young team. Can't name
them, because no one was named, orally or on the program, not even a
pastor - right focus on God, not us. He was there!

A beginning, not an end. To the Glory of God on Cape Cod! Pray that it
will break forth! Thank you!"

She does not live on Cape Cod, but prayed for us.

In Christ, Gerry Dorman



How incredibly exciting it is to see a part of New
England listening to God's voice amidst political
adversity! There has been such great division amongst
churches for way to long and not to mention between
other brothers and sisters in Christ.
I am originally from New England and have travelled to
various parts of the USA as well as overseas. And
everywhere that I have gone, God has spoken about
UNITY. But as hard as I or others have tried, it has
not completely been accomplished.
Last year my husband and I were told that we were
going to be stationed at Cape Cod (after being gone
for 3 years) and my heart leapt. Since I was a little
girl I have envisioned a great revival in New England
(Where it all began!). After all these years, I never
imagined to see such greatness start! We have now been
here for a year, and I cannot believe my own eyes! God
surely is faithful!
I encourage you all to continue this venture LIKE
NEVER BEFORE! And continue to pray for wisdom for the
enemy lurks to destroy all that is good. And to keep
the armor of God fully entact.
We are all called for the time such as this!
Godspeed Ahead!
Ami Murray


I've been meaning to post for quite some time now, but I have not
followed Paul's advice to "not be ashamed because of your youth."
There is an itching in my soul's for God's manifestation in my lives,
and in our lives corporately on Cape Cod, and that is even stronger
than being ashamed of my youth.

First, I must say how blessed I and my entire family was from our time
of worship, repentence, and crying out to God at the Sacred Assembly.
The mighty wind of His grace is beginning to flow through, not because
it hasn't always been there, but because we have finally woken up and
turned the faucets on. Let us not turn them on to a trickle, but fully
open to allow our great God and King to come sweeping in!

I wanted to share a passage I read in my devotions this morning from
Elisabeth Elliot's book, "Keep a Quiet Heart." It speaks of how
important is the unity in the Body of Christ.

"...As [Jesus] prayed for believers ('those you have given me') His
petition was, 'Holy Father,protect them by the power of your name--the
name you gave me--so thatthey may be one as we are one' (John 17:11
NIV). For those who would later believe He prayed, 'that all of them
may be one, Father...May they be brought to complete unity to let the
world know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved
me" (John 17:21, 23 NIV).
The answer to that prayer seems yet remote. Ought we not to put
ourselves, each of us as individuals, in a position to cooperate with
God in His bringingabout this unity? How shall the world recognize His
love unless we act in love toward one another? No one, I feel sure,
would disagree here--in theory. LOVE EACH OTHER. The obstacle is our
selfish, self-determined selves.

....Before we take such a position of sovereignty (between these two
paragraphs, she speaks of dissention and blaming others for that),
assuming we know the root of the trouble and are warranted in
enforcing our "solution," might we not ask ourselves a few questions?

-Have we learned the meekness which understand the power of patience,
of quiet waiting on God, and the futility of employing massive mothods
to get our own way? What about the reverence that trusts God's hidden,
seemingly slow, working out of His own mysterious purposes? Impatience

-Have we challenged evil with the wrong weapons? "By the meekness and
gengleness of Christ, I appeal to you...Though we live in the world,
we do not wage war as the world does. The weapons we fight with are
not weapons of the world. On thecontrary, they have divine power to
demolish strongholds" (2 Cor. 10:1, 3-4 NIV).

-Are we willing to accept suffering? How much do we know of costly
action, sacrificial love? Have we been willing to lay down our
lives..., travail in prayer, accept the cross in the depths of our own
hearts? The demands of faith cut across human logic and politics, and
often oppose all ordinary methods of even common sense.

-Have we pondered Jesus' warning not to expect His church to be
without spot or wrinkle? The net brings in good fish and bad. The
tares grow along with the wheat. He is at work perfecting His own
bride--we'll never manage it ourselves.

-Are we willing to let the cross cut painfully--humbly to relinguish
our grasp of what we believe to be the true nature of the conflict,
let go of our certainties of what "ought to be," and of our particular
"rights?" Can we, in the spirit of Christ, mortify our whims, accept
setbacks, accustom ourselves to misunderstanding, quit asking "what
about my needs?" Let God take care of those--He promised He would, ALL
of them.

'The Christian turns again and again from that bewildered
contemplation of history in which God is so easily lost, to the prayer
of filial trust in which He is always found, knowing here that those
very things which seem to turn to man's disadvantage may yet work to
the Divine advantage. On the frontier between prayer and history
stands the Cross, a perpetual reminder of the price by which the
Kingdom is brought in.' (Evelyn Underhill, "Abba")

Perhaps, if we would earnestly and prayerfully consider these things,
both pastor and flock might be cahnged and the severance thus
avoided...."Lord divine has seen and counted/ Every tear it caused to
fall,/ And the storm which Love appointed/ Was its choicest gift of
all (Anonymous)." "

I am moved to believe that everyone on this mailing list is working
this out in his/her own lives. How great that our God has called us
for such a time as this! Truly, the harvest is ripe, but the workers
are few. Over half of the population in America claim to be
Christians. One would think there are plenty of workers. But these are
not the Christians who are actively repenting, daily seeking God's
face, humbling themselves before the throne of Grace, and sacrificing
their own desires every day to be filled with the grace of the
knowledge of God. We stand in the gap. It is up to us to blow this
ember into a roaring fire, to spread this spark to all those around

There's a Casting Crowns song that states, "But if we are the body why
aren't His arms reaching? Why aren't His hands healing? Why aren't His
words teaching? And if we are the body, Why aren't His feet going? Why
is His love not showing them there is a way? There is a way."
There is a way and it starts here, it starts with each other. "They
will know we are Christians by our love." And we receive that love
only through Christ. "We love because He first loved us." We are not
an empty glass filled with Him and then pouring ourselves out to
others, but rather, we are an empty glass, filled by Him continually
and only when we continue to be filled will we overflow to all around

This is truly the beginning of revival, so "let us not grow weary of
doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not loose heart."

Que Dios les bendigas!  Christina B.


" I attended the Sacred Assembly and it was awesome..... I loved
getting together with all my brothers and sisters in the Lord. I so
enjoyed worshipping and singing to God. I felt his presence and it
was beautiful..... I am so excited to see all that God has for us. I
hope that we will meet again assembled together. Praise God and thank
you Jesus!!!!!!" Lorra Jean

"Overall I felt it was a step in the right direction.God is in
charge.....John 17vs.21
will come to pass and God is doing something new.Glory to God" Dave

" I really appreciate how the entire service flowed on Saturday. In
my spirit, I felt there was a good and continued emphasis on
repentance. And I think it is significant that the pastors led in
repenting first. The four hours went by quickly and it didn't seem
difficult to sit and concentrate that long...... it was a blessing to
have so many Christians come to a meeting with no promises of
entertainment or "big names" to attract a crowd......musical worship
is such an important aspect of any service, particularly one that
lasts for 4 hours and is so dependent on repeated times of music -led
reflection and prayer....... Unity is not attained when everyone in
the body of Christ is perfect. Unity is attained when we receive the
grace to cover over each one's faults, which I have to remember, I am
in such great need." RealityJoy

"there was a good turn was just that we
want to see, the Lord move in his way and power on Cape Cod....
People need to get back to the old time religion and get souls saved
and have one vision any doctrinal differances will work themselfs
The prayiing for a move of God etc. is the next step that should
always continue....

"I was able to spend just two hours at the Assembly, and was impressed
at the turnout. I'm not demonstrative in my worship, but have nothing
against those who stand and raise their arms. I was touched most of
all by the small group I joined. It had already formed but welcomed me
with smiles and opened the circle for me. Then we split up again with
hugs, and I really felt that we were one Body in Christ. I knew none
of them and may never see any of them again, but for those few moments
we were one in Him...."
Margaret Guyer