Come Over and Help Us in Truro, Acts 16:9, August 2, 2010

 Dear Brothers and Sisters of Cape Cod,

We at Outer Cape Christian Church meeting at Chapel on the Pond in North Truro
invite you to join us as we host the next meeting of the Glory of God on Cape
Cod. We will be joining for prayer on Wednesday, August 25th at 7:00 P.M. God
is doing something new and exciting at the end of the cape, and it is the
fruition of what we believe are centuries worth of prayer for the area. Right
across the street from the Chapel is Pilgrim Pond, and a scant 50 yards down the
road is a marker that commemorates the site where the Pilgrims spent their first
night night on Cape Cod. One can only image what they prayed that evening, but
I am sure that it was in keeping with the spirit of the Mayflower Compact that
was penned in Provincetown Harbor the same week. That document states that the
Pilgrims were settling in the new world for the purpose of glorifying God and
advancing the Christian faith. Brothers and sisters, we are a godly heritage
that is a direct answer to the prayer of our forefathers. We now have the
responsiblity to pray as they did, for the God to be glorified and the Christian
faith to be advanced not only on Cape Cod but throughout our nation.

Chapel on the Pond is the fruit of the expressed prayer of a small group of
people led by Bob and Kathy Valleau. They began praying in the early 90's for a
church building in the area that could be purchased and reclaimed for Jesus
Christ. That prayer was answered when the Catholic Church consolidated
properties and built a new church in Wellfleet, and the Chapel on the pond was
purchased in 2007. After extensive renovations, the church has been meeting for
one year. It is being co-sponsored by the Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church in
Brewster and Boathouse Ministries, and will one day become a Christian and
Missionary Alliance church. We currently have 15 people committed to the work
and have seen lives changed over the past year.

We look forward to seeing you on the 25th. The following are the directions to
the church.

Follow Route 6 toward Provincetown. You will pass the new Truro Police
and Fire Station on your left, go over the crest of the hill, and turn left at
the Route 6A, Shore
Road exit. You will proceed down that road for about a mile and come to a
four corner intersection with Durta's Martket on the opposite corner. Take
a left at this
intersection onto Pond Rd. We are #17, you can't miss us.

In His Service,

Pastor Sheldon Clarkson