Convictions about Cape Cod Sacred Assembly, July 20, 2007

 We hold the following convictions regarding the upcoming Sacred
Assembly in September 2007:

1. This event is being done for the audience of One, for the Lord
alone. It is the people of God on Cape Cod standing corporately before
Him in repentance of our sin and in prayer and intercession for Cape
Cod. It is not done to entertain the body of Christ on the Cape nor
for just having another event of fellowship and unity among Cape
Christians. It is the people of God doing buisness with God.

2. This is not an evangelistic event. It is not done to preach the
gospel to unbelievers, therefore it is not our goal to invite
unbelievers, but to invite like-minded believers to this meeting.

3. We decided not to advertise or print names of speakers or worship
leaders on the flyers or any print material.
We want the people of God to come to this Sacred Assembly, not
motivated to hear a particular speaker or worship leader, but to come
motivated only by their desire to appear before the Lord in
repentance, and intercession, as part of the body of Christ on Cape

4. We discussed the fact that it is critical in the months preceding
the Sacred Assembly, that all participating congregations be on the
same page, in preparation for our coming together before the Lord as
one. Pastors are encouraged to continue to share the vision with their
congregations. The purpose of this is that the body of Christ on Cape
Cod hears what the Holy Spirit is saying to us in such a time like
this, and that we are all prepared in one mind and one heart for the
Sacred Assembly.