Do the Lord's Will: Pray for the President, by Akinyemi Ojesina, January 20, 2009


Do the Lord's Will:

Pray for the King without Ceasing

by Akinyemi Ojesina


In the book of Daniel 2:21, the Bible says:

He changes the times and seasons. He removes kings and sets up kings.

In addition, 1 Timothy 2:1-3 says:

I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers,
intercessions, and

giving of thanks, be made for all men; for kings, and for all that are in

authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and

honesty. For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior.

I believe that the solutions to the problems of this country are spiritual
and that it

will take the hand of the LORD to bring the change that is needed. I also
believe the

LORD has time and time again used men who yielded to him. He used King Cyrus

perform his pleasure (Isaiah 44:28, 45:1). He used King Artaxerxes to

resources to be used for the rebuilding of His house (Nehemiah 2:7-8). He

Joseph to Pharaoh so that in the time of crisis His will was done and his


A new season is upon us with the imminent inauguration of a new president. I

believe that the Lord is calling upon us to pray for HIS kingdom to come and
HIS will

to be done during this era. I believe that praying, without ceasing, for the
new king

will fuel revival in the land.

Yes, there is a lot we need to do on an individual level for revival to
come. There are

commitments we need to make; things that churches and congregations need to

in order to establish the kingdom of God. There is also a place for us to

the hands of the ones He's placed in leadership in the secular world. It is

responsibility to do so, irrespective of our personal inclinations, even
irrespective of

our "prophetic" understanding of the times. Because, '
*He changes the times and

seasons; He sets up kings; He removes kings

The LORD will do great things in the land even as we lift up our new crop of

for they need to be surrounded by Josephs and Daniels. They need to be
yielded like

Cyrus and they need to have the resources and the discernment to recognize

Nehemiahs amongst them who will do the will of the Lord. It is our
responsibility to

make the atmosphere ready. It is our responsibility to ensure that when that

comes, the Spirit of the LORD can move like He did through Cyrus.

I implore us: this is a time more than ever to pray for our new leaders,

of what we think they will do based on what we perceive their platforms to
be. The

truth of the matter is:
*The heart of the king is in the hand of the LORD and he turns

it withersoever He wills
*(Proverbs 21:1). Please do not predetermine from now what

the new king will do. Lift his heart and the heart of his advisors to the
LORD because

He's able to turn them.
*He changes the times and the seasons*.

He tells us to pray for the king. This must be continuous and not done

He also tells us not to speak ill of the king (Exodus 22:28). We also ought
not pass

judgment without understanding what is going on behind the scenes because

who do so can bring destruction on themselves (2 Peter 2:10-12). We must not

the one hand pray for the move of the LORD and, on the other hand, make

declarations of how much worse things will become because of the new king

on what we think may or may not happen.

I believe that we are anointed of the LORD to establish things in the land.
Even as

we pray and continue to mold the frame for which the move of the LORD will

place (so to speak), we ought not to puncture the balloon while filling it
with air.

So, Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank you for Your word. You change the

and seasons. You set up kings and You remove kings. In the name of Jesus, we

come and repent and we commit ourselves, Lord, to being followers of Your
will and

of your ways.

Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus, we ask for strength to do this even
when it

seems contrary to our every inclination, Father, we will obey You.

In the name of Jesus, we lift up the king, the current and the future king,
and ask

that You give them the heart of Cyrus. We ask that they be given the heart

Artaxerxes to recognize the Nehemiahs who will rebuild the city. We ask that

send Daniels and Josephs to the new leadership, even as they choose their

Even as You caused Naaman's servant to recognize where Your power was, even

though she wasn't a prominent person, You caused her to lead her master to

Your power was. We ask that You surround them with aides, even behind the

will cause Your will do be done in our land.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we make prayers, supplications, intercession
and we

thank You that even as You lift and bless our current and future king, there
will be

peace in the land. May these be adjuncts to what you're doing spiritually in
our land,

that your will be done and your power will be felt. Thank you because your
hand is

upon the current and future leaders of this country; for you will turn their
hearts in

the way that you will. Help us, Father God, to maintain an attitude of
prayer and

supplication on their behalf so that Your will may be done; that Your name
may be

glorified, in Jesus' name, Amen.