ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, May 29, 2012



On Friday, May 25, 2012 at noon, 32 Christians from different churches and ethnic backgrounds met on the corner of Church Street and Main in Laurinburg, NC, to unite in prayer for the great needs of Scotland County. The group came to the realization that the reason that the rapid growth of crime, drugs, gangs and corruption in the county was because the church has been divided, sitting behind its walls, and letting the community go to hell. The past 10 years, there have been 50 murders, thousands of violent crimes, and hundreds of victims in Scotland County. Drug dealers have flourished, young people are addicted and are dying from overdoses. There have been numerous gang-related shootings. Gangs are rampant. Scotland County is on the verge of losing an entire generation. Darkness has flooded the region because good people have done nothing.

However, something is happening! There is a growing sense of unity among ministers, churches, and Christians. They are focusing on what unites them rather than what divides them. No longer will Christians sit and let crime, corruption and drugs rule the community. There is an anger that is rising, which says, "Enough is enough! We are taking our community back!" Prayer groups and action groups are organizing. Every Wednesday at noon at the park on the corner of Church Street and Main, Christians are gathering and praying for God to intervene in the affairs of Scotland County. They are praying that the drug dealers will either "get saved of get busted!" They are praying against the crime and corruption and violence. On Thursday mornings, several ministers have been gathering to pray toward the same end.

All concerned people are invited to gather every Wednesday at noon at the small park at the corner of Church and Main Streets in Laurinburg and join in prayer. Politics, theology or complaints will not be discussed. Voices will join in prayer to God to step down and intervene in Scotland County. It is time to take our neighborhoods back!