INVITATION: To Engage Your Community, "Cry Out America"


Dear Pastors, Leaders, Brothers & Sisters in Christ:

I would like to share with you about an important opportunity for the Pastors and Leaders to exercise spiritual leadership in their communities and for the Body of Christ as a whole to engage their communities as well.

I would like to share with you about an important opportunity for the Pastors and Leaders to exercise spiritual leadership in their communities and for the Body of Christ as a whole to engage their communities as well.

I am both the State Leader in Massachusetts for Cry Out America as well as the Barnstable County Coordinator. Connie Oleson is the Plymouth County Coordinator for Cry Out America . There are other County Coordinators in your immediate community that could use your assistance. Some counties in Massachusetts don't have a County Coordinator. If you wish to get involved, please feel free to email me directly with your questions. We understand that every county is different and that every Cry Out America prayer event program will vary. Some events may be smaller but very anointed.

I may be reached at either or I welcome your questions and involvement.

Allow me to outline what will be taking place in Barnstable County :

The Barnstable County Commissioners have granted special permission to allow a 9/11 event to take place at the Barnstable County Superior Court House's front lawn. This location symbolizes government and authority. It also has special meaning to the police. The Commissioners agreed to keep the building open with staff for any electrical needs and the use of bathroom facilities for the public on Saturday 9/11. Parking will be made available as well. We have received considerable favor regarding this event.

In my "letter of request", I clearly advised the Commissioners that pastors would be speaking, children reciting and that "God Bless America" would be sung.

Pastors throughout Barnstable County are being invited to pray publicly over their local fireman & policeman. The reception has been very positive. Public prayer will be a continuous theme throughout this event in tandem with band music, song & patriotic speeches from Elected Officials. The Body of Christ within Barnstable County is invited to attend to both help out as well as honor our men/women in uniform. It will be a great event for children too. Clearly, I will need help in meeting some of the basic needs required in this event.

Admittedly, there's more fireman/policeman than I realized. The crowd might be quite sizeable which will also include the citizens of Barnstable County. Letters of intent are going out this week to all Chiefs/Police & Fire asking them to identify by name all honorees attending the 9/11 event. This will give me a "head count". The Chiefs are being advised that local prayer warriors in their communities will continue to provide expanded pray over the names unless otherwise instructed.

All of the Cry Out America events need critical prayer for protection from the enemy .

There is more to this program than just 9/11. I'm providing a brief outline for your review. It is the following:

On Wednesday, Sept 8th - A Solemn Assembly where all pastors, intercessors and church members throughout Barnstable County can gather together in one location to repent over our nation. The host church location and details will follow. This solemn assembly is necessary before we can move into the 9/11 event. Sept 8th is the first day of Rosh ha-Shanah where the shofar is ceremonially blown.

On Thursday, Sept 9th - Individual church doors should remain open so that Christians can repent for any personal offenses or trespasses.

On Saturday, Sept. 11th - Outlined above.

Awake America Alliance: CRY OUT AMERICA

Americans are now in a desperate need of a fresh Christ Awakening. Our economy has been deeply shaken. Overall church attendance continues to decline across the nation, America is now the third largest mission field in the world and an entire generation is growing up with little understanding of absolute truth. Yet, in what appears to be a very trying time for the Church in this nation, we believe that America is on the verge of a sweeping move of God's Spirit that will touch every state, every county and every heart. Americans are now in desperate need of a fresh Christ Awakening. ( Cry Out America web site )

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I hope this information is helpful.

God Bless

Sincerely............Elizabeth Kenney