Join Us at TheCall DC on August 16, 2008

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A brief glance at the headlines of our daily newspapers exposes the frailty
of the moral fabric of our nation as the corruption of sin digs its claws
deeper and deeper into the hearts and minds of our young people. The
serpentine stranglehold of abortion continues to squeeze the life out of
over 1.6 million wombs every year in our nation, wiping out nearly one-third
of an entire generation born since 1973.

The growing slave trade of pornography, homosexuality, human trafficking,
and sexual perversion—not only accepted by the culture, but now shamelessly
promoted by it—has claimed countless young men and women, pilfering the
Kingdom of the Lord's inheritance. 2008 is an incredibly important year in
the history of our nation—politically, culturally and economically. *We are
truly in an hour of crisis.* In the midst of it all, God is calling His
people back to Himself. Now is the time to sound the alarm! Who will hear
His cry?

In 2000, 400,000 people, both young and old, gathered on the National Mall
in Washington, DC to fast and pray believing the dream that a nation can
change. That gathering and many others have marked tens of thousands of
young people, inciting a prayer revolution and inspiring a dream in their
hearts that they could be a voice for change. *Now, the nation is in crisis
again and we feel it is time for TheCall to go to a national scale in
another historic gathering in our nation's capital.*

TheCall isn't a conference or a festival; it is a solemn assembly—a
gathering of all ages, races and denominations. The 12 hours of TheCall are
spent primarily before the Lord in the place of prayer and worship. We
believe the hour is late and the time's urgent. Our nation is in desperate
need of revival. We're seeing the signs of God moving, but we do not have
what we want. We have to have a full-scale revival break loose, and it will
be only through the collective body of Christ uniting together in the place
of prayer that we will find any hope in this hour. *We must strike, strike
and strike again until we have widespread revival!*

*When there is no remedy, when there is no hope for a nation, God still has
a holy prescription… "Blow the trumpet in Zion, gather the people, call a
fast." (Joel 2:12-18)*

*Will you join us for TheCall DC, August 16th on the National Mall in
Washington, DC to cry out with fasting and prayer that the dream of God
could yet be fulfilled for this nation?*

*For more information watch the promotional video here:*

See you at the National Mall on August 16th!

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