Meeting Summary & Glory of God on Cape Cod Update, February 25, 2010

 *Summary of the Regional Glory of God on Cape Cod Prayer Meeting** *

*First Baptist Church of Pocasset, February 24, 2010*

Like a reporter standing on the front lines of a major news story, after
last evening’s Glory of God on Cape Cod Regional Prayer Meeting, I am asked
to prepare a summary of the evening, but I find it hard to be dispassionate
and neutral. Our sisters and brothers from the various churches from around
Cape Cod that take part in these monthly prayer gatherings honored our
church by coming to bless us and to pray for the Holy Spirit’s anointing and
power to come upon the Gospel ministry in the Upper Cape, as well as
throughout our region.

Our church was filled to capacity as the service began. The worship team
led worship that was underway as people arrived. God’s anointing on the
evening was apparent from the start; in every sense it was a very special
night to seek the presence of God and to appreciate that He did indeed come
in response to the cries of His children. We were encouraged to open our
eyes, to see beyond whatever physical limits and weaknesses we might think
we have, and to observe what God is doing.

One brother shared from Isaiah 60:1, *“Arise, shine for your light has come,
and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.” * We are praying that God would
raise His glory upon us.

A sister shared about a dream she had on the night of February 23, 2010. Here,
in her own words, is what she received:

“*We were all gathered for our Wednesday prayer meeting hosted this month by
First Baptist Church in Pocasset. In the dream the venue was huge - the
height of an aircraft hanger and the size of a football field. It was packed
with thousands of people filling the isles, all the seats, standing on the
stage, stairs and even on window sills. It even seemed as if people were
standing on ledges on the walls. *

*The atmosphere was glorious – some were in deep prayer, others worshipping,
some were quietly waiting on the Lord, some were just laughing and others in
conversation with one another. There was a deep sense of peace and joy in
the atmosphere but it wasn’t quiet – the sounds of music, voices and
laughter filled the air.*

*What stood out in the dream was the absence of artificial light, yet the
building was filled with the brightest, most penetrating light that caused
the different colors to come alive in all their brilliance. It was as if
every single color stood out and yet mingled with the others to form the
most striking kaleidoscope, almost like a painting. I took pictures of this
glorious scene not just to keep it as a memory but to show to others and was
surprised that, although it was indoors, the flash of the camera did not go
off. I realized that it was because the light was even more brilliant than
the brightest sunlight. *

Through the dream, I sense the Lord just wants to encourage us of what is
happening in the Spiritual realm. We so often look with the natural eyes
and allow what we see in the natural to define our level of faith, our
prayers and sometimes even our expectations. When we see with the eyes of
the Spirit, I believe it will add a dimension of boldness to our prayers
where we, like Elisha in 2 Kings 6, can pray because of what he SEES and not
what he NEEDS. “

Throughout the evening, in small group prayer or as the microphone was
opened for individuals to share their hearts in prayer, the theme of the
Glory of God being released on the Cape was noted.

Another sister shared from Isaiah 54, that each prayer is like a hammer,
driving down the tent pegs into the ground by which the tent of God’s
presence is being established in this area.

Although the prayers and worship of the evening displayed confidence in
God’s faithfulness, there was no sense of immature triumphalism in what was
declared or prayed. The Holy Spirit also brought with Him a great sense of
love and oneness, which we deeply appreciate. From all appearances, God is
indeed accomplishing something powerful and wonderful among us. We dare not
seek to enhance our own ministries, identities, or to make a name for
ourselves. As a consequence, God is receiving all the glory for the sense
of boding love and unity which God is giving.

The next time and date for The Glory of God on Cape Cod to meet for another
regional prayer gathering is *7:00 P.M., on Wednesday, March 24, 2010, at
the Mid-Cape Worship Center, 142 Depot Street in Dennisport,
For driving directions, please go to

Not only will all of Cape Cod be blessed by your prayerful participation,
but we believe that through these times, God is building a solid foundation
that cannot be constructed by man or by man-made strategies. This is God’s

Edmund C. de la Cour, Jr.
First Baptist Church of Pocasset
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