Meeting Summary & Update on the Glory of God on Cape Cod, February 25, 2011

 Dear Family in Christ:

Yesterday's GOGCC prayer meeting (hosted by Living Hope Family Church in Hyannis) was a very special meeting indeed. I will not dare to speak for anyone else, but I can honestly say that I was deeply moved by the vulnerable honesty and genuine humility in prayer I witnessed among the believers gathered Wednesday night. From the moment the worship team struck the first chord I knew that the evening was going to be memorable: the saints were already prepared to meet with their Father, and the songs of worship flowed forth freely. Oh, the sweet Presence of our God and Father, Who takes up residence in the praises of His people! What an honor it was to lead such a ready congregation in song.

My heart rejoiced to hear the fervent prayers of brothers and sisters who could not keep their petitions silent. The exhortations, testimonies and tears were all a very profound reminder of our total dependence upon God and His grace. We were stirred to renew our commitment to holy living, and to shine as lights in the middle of a watching world. Character, hospitality, united church family, mission - these themes emerged again and again. It was the restoration of hope, however, that fueled my passion when we heard of a marriage redeemed and of the triumphant passing of a local elderly saint, whose ministry had begun late in life and had made a global impact. I felt a surge of confidence that our Father will indeed soon turn away our reproach and make our barren wilderness a fruitful field.

May the glory of the Lord cover Cape Cod as surely as the waters cover the sea! May the Cape see a harvest of 100,000 souls for Jesus in our lifetime. This is our unabashed and unrelenting prayer.

I want to personally thank you, the body of Christ, for gathering so willingly and so supportively at our little chapel on Mitchell's Way last night. Living Hope Family Church is honored to have had you here, praying with us and for us. We feel privileged to be just a small part of this beautiful family of faith.

I encourage you to put the next GOGCC prayer meeting on your calendar right away. The meeting will be hosted on March 23rd at Gateway Christian Center in Mashpee by Pastor Bob Condon, a wonderful man of God whose passion for Jesus is known to us all. You can find directions to the church here:

Rich blessings in Jesus' name,

Pastor Erik Eskelund
Living Hope Family Church