Meeting Summary & Update on the GOGCC, May 25, 2011

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Thanks to many of you who joined as tonight at Christ Chapel for the
Glory of God on Cape Cod monthly prayer meeting. The powerful
movement of the Spirit once again shaped the prayers of the body of
Christ. A couple of beautiful themes were in evidence through the
prayers and Scriptures:

1. The importance and seriousness of obeying the Lord. If works
without faith are dead, so also is faith without works cheap grace.
Grace empowers us to act in faith!

2. The beauty of Christ, and the loveliness of his grace. Words from
the Song of Solomon and Isaiah 61 remind us of the beauty and majesty
of Christ who is in out midst. And it is in light of his glory, which
we meditate on, that we must also act in obedience and true worship.

3. Finally, the Lord is near, and he will avenge. He will make the
crooked paths right, he will take names and numbers of the wicked, and
will repay. Our job is to preach Christ, and his mercies, warning
people in all love to turn and come to Jesus.

Our time of worship was a beautiful and centering time of prayer and
praise, led by a mixed group of musicians from three different
churches. Like oil dripping down Aaron's beard, it nourished the
fellowship and love among believers from the different churches.

Please join us again the last Wednesday of June at the Alliance Church
in Brewster for another time of worship, prayer, and encountering the
Glory of God.

Every blessing,

John-Paul Lotz