Meeting Summary and Update on the Glory of God on Cape Cod, July 8, 2010

 Dear Friends,

Last Wednesday, June 28th, believers from across Cape Cod gathered
together under the banner of our Lord Jesus Christ in worship and
prayer at Osterville Baptist Church. Our time together commenced with
loud and celebratory Christ-centered worship that focussed our
attention on the tremendous grace that God has given us and the
victory that King Jesus has accomplished over sin, death, and the
devil. From there, we engaged in both small group prayer and
corporate prayer, seeking the Lord's guidance and blessings for the
various ministries on the Cape and beseeching Him to make His presence
acutely felt in the midst of the various towns and villages.

Throughout the evening there were many recurring themes that the
Spirit brought to our hearts and minds. One of these themes was a
call for the Lord to continue developing people of depth and strong
character to minister among us. Another theme was expressed as a
desire for the love that God has shown us to so penetrate our
existence that it motivates us to continue to strive for unity and
fuel us with the courage to share our faith in Christ with those we
come in contact with. Overall, there was a palpable desire for the
body of Christ to function in a fashion that would be pleasing to the
one we serve.

The evening concluded with a few more offerings of musical worship and
the warm greetings of friends and co-laborers in the gospel. Many
smiles of joy and expressions of wonder and awe of God's power were
exchanged as we departed.

Shortly, you will be receiving an invitation to our next prayer
meeting, which will take place at Mid-Cape Worship Center (
) on July 28th from 7-8 pm. We hope that you'll join us.

Every Blessing,

Nick Gatzke
Osterville Baptist Church