Meeting Summary: Glory of God on Cape Cod, October 27, 2011


Dear Partners in the Gospel,

Last night we had another fantastic time of worship and prayer
together. Your singing was loud and beautiful and the prayers were
sincere and clear. Our Heavenly Father was made much of as His people
bowed before the throne of grace. One theme for the evening was a
focus on God's passion for His own Glory throughout the history of
this world and into the present day. If God views His glory as the
most valuable, most precious thing, how much more should His people
value it and seek it!! Other themes were centered around the
different checkpoints of prayer, praying for spiritual protection from
the evil one, expressing desire for the "weight" of God's Glory to be
present, and simple yet profound expressions of gratitude to our
Savior Jesus Christ.

The unity in our fellowship is growing and our desire for revival is
palpable. We will continue to pray and worship the King of Kings and
the Lord of Lords together.
Our next corporate prayer meeting will be held on November 17th at
Dennis Church of the Nazarene. Their address is 209 Upper County Rd,
South Dennis,MA.

Blessings in Christ!

Nick Gatzke
Osterville Baptist Church