Meeting Summary of the Glory of God on Cape Cod, May 4, 2010

 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It was a great honor, and a significant blessing for us at Christ
Chapel to be able to host the Glory of God on Cape Cod prayer
gathering. For many at Christ Chapel, we felt included and invited
into a very powerful movement of prayer and expectation that has been
growing on the Cape.

With real surprise and humility, some of the initial prayers offered
lifted up Christ Chapel and its place in the ministry of the gospel on
the Cape, including prayer for unity not only among the many churches,
but in particular, right within Christ Chapel itself.

God's Spirit continued to move individuals and pastor to pray for
revival on the cape, for confession and humility, for purity, for
preparation, and for healing of individual members. Throughout the
meeting there was a palpable submission to one another in love, and to
Scripture, as individuals were moved to pray in the Spirit for
revival. One particular prayer/prophecy was offered in expectation of
a revival that would break out "like many sparks of light". Other's
prayed for a fresh wind to blow in that would fill the pews with
sinners coming to faith.

In the end, a time of worship closed the meeting, and many remained
for a while talking and sharing fellowship together in a spirit of
friendship and joy. May God continue to move and include other
churches in this gathering of saints on the Cape to pray.

Please join the Glory of God on Cape Cod for their next meeting on
Wednesday, May 26 from 7-8pm at the Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church in
Brewster, MA. For directions, please see

May God richly bless each person, and fellowship in Christ,
John-Paul Lotz