Message to Cape Cod pastors: November 15, 2007

 November 15, 2007

Dear Pastor,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It has been
almost two months since the Cape-wide Sacred Assembly at Sandwich High
School September 22, and Christians from Provincetown to the bridges
still are communicating with us the blessings of their experience
being a part of the time set aside for repentance and intercession.
Consistently we have heard what it meant to participants to be in the
presence of the Lord and to experience that Presence in the company of
so many other believers from such diverse segments of the Cape's
Christian community. The Lord is indeed forging unity among His

A clear message at the Sacred Assembly was that the gathering was not
an end in itself, but rather the beginning of a movement on the Cape
to bring believers together for encouragement, strengthening, and to
send a message to those living in darkness that our God exists, that
He is awesome, and that He is here on the Cape. The momentum we had
prayed for is indeed alive and well.

Our vision, strengthened by the Sacred Assembly, continues to call all
Bible-believing pastors on the Cape to come together in unity and
humility, recognizing our spiritual poverty, for times of prayer and
fasting--to call down from above the glory of God, His manifest
Presence, in the midst of His people.

The vision and the desires of those who have embraced the vision have
birthed plans for the next phase--several gatherings, focusing on
specific regions on the Cape. The first gathering is being planned for
Saturday, January 26 in the mid-Cape area. Our heart's desire hasn't
changed-- we want to experience the glory of God. To that end, these
regional gatherings will emphasize our need for a deeper intimacy with
the Lord and how such intimacy can lead to a fulfillment of His
command to us:
"Be holy as I am holy." As we did at the Sacred Assembly, we also will
focus on intercession for all of the Cape, with emphasis on a
particular region (mid-upper-lower Cape).

There have been efforts in past years to create unity among Bible-
believing churches, recognizing that when God's people are of one
heart and mind, regardless of denominational affiliation, God's Spirit
moves in a mighty
way. Those efforts, for various reasons, have not been sustainable
until now. We sense a momentum in this season, and we invite you to be
a part of this work.

We will be contacting you soon to answer any questions you may have,
and to share with you more of the vision that burns in our hearts. In
the interim, we invite you to visit our website:, and please free to contact us as well.

We look forward to working together with you to restore the Glory of
God in our midst, and the subsequent outbreak of revival.

May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry,

The Glory of God on Cape Cod team