New England Solemn Assembly in Plymouth, MA: Return-Rediscover-Reclaim God's Purposes for America, September 25, 2010

   *New England Solemn Assembly*
* Memorial Hall, Plymouth, MA*
*September 25, 2010*


*August 8, 2010*

* *

*Dear New England Believer:*


*For years our hearts have been stirred by the stories of New England
Awakenings that have influenced the nations of the earth. Our imaginations
have been captured by the legacy of awakeners, theologians, missionaries,
and evangelists that called New England home. *


*In recent years, God has spoken to many of us and confirmed His word that
He is planning to pour out His Spirit on our land yet again. Like Simeon,
whose eyes grew dim watching and praying for the promised Messiah, there are
those standing among us who God has told, “Your eyes will see what I have
promised you.” At the same time, young ones moving in the Spirit of John the
Baptist are rising up beside them, sounding the trumpet and calling the
Church into the fulfillment of God’s promises and our legacy.*

* *

*As Proverbs says, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” At times, we have
hoped falsely in quick fixes or man-made solutions, only to see the promised
outpouring pass us by. It is easy to become cynical, when year after year we
have heard of, “revival, awakening, outpouring …” yet we have not seen the
fulfillment. Callousness threatens to deaden our hopes. Yet, the promise
from God remains, and God cannot lie. *


*It is our conviction that we are in season similar to that of the book of
Joel. In the book of Joel, we find great promise and great hope concerning
the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Yet, it all hinges upon the response of
the people of God. The prophet Joel addresses the people after they have
experienced the judgment of the locust devouring their crops. He urges them
to discern what the Lord is doing in their midst and respond appropriately
to the Lord, lest in His desire to get their attention, He come with even
greater judgment.*


*As a nation and as the Church, we are experiencing measures of the judgment
of God. Yet, we are largely unaware and unconcerned. Moral deterioration of
every kind afflicts not only the world, but also the Church. We hear on
every side of wars, slavery, every kind of immorality, economic instability,
ecological disasters, a breakdown of the family among rich and poor alike,
and laws and policies that take no thought of God. In essence, our nation is
saying to God: "Depart from us, we do not desire the knowledge of Your ways"
(Job: 21:14).*


*As a people, we should be greatly alarmed and concerned over the rapidly
deteriorating moral condition of our nation. The signs of God’s judgment are
upon us, but instead we are pacified by an abundance of self-gratification.
We, largely, are a people at ease during times of unrighteousness. *


*As the present times of shaking increases, the wisdom of man, apart from
acknowledgment and reliance on God, will be exposed as utter foolishness.
Joel gives the biblical prescription during times of crisis ... to gather
together in fasting and prayer to repent and to cry out for mercy.*


*In response to the Holy Spirit’s stirring, we will gather on September 25th
in Plymouth MA, and we are inviting you to join us at the location of the
first Pilgrim settlement where they implemented their covenant with God and
one another. *

* *

* Just as God has a dream, a purpose, a calling for each one of our lives,
we believe He had a purpose in the founding of America. Our nation was
intended by God to be a “city on a hill”, a place where the light of the
gospel can shine to the ends of the earth, a joyful experiment in the
simplicity of devotion to Christ. We’re returning to Plymouth in fasting and
prayer to rediscover and reclaim this legacy and renew our covenant with

* *

*In preparation for this holy day, we are inviting believers everywhere to
10 days of fasting and prayer from September 8-18th in their own churches
and homes. The goal of this time of preparation is to draw closer to the
Lord, turn away from corporate and personal sin in our communities and in
our nation and prepare our hearts for the Solemn Assembly. *


*Yours in Christ,*

* *

*Josiah Armstrong, Youthstorm, Windham NH*

*Gabrielle Beam, New Beginning Community Church, Darien CT*

*Ronald Bernier, Master Builder Christian Church, Fall River MA*

*Rich Brink, Eastgate Apostolic Center, Oakland ME*

*John Brownlee, Beulah Baptist Church, Chicopee MA*

*Dick Carter, New Hope Fellowship, Compton NH*

*C. Andrew Chrysler, God's Little Brown Church, Alburgh VT*

*Linda Clark, New England Apostolic Prayer Network, Boston MA*

*Tom Clark, Dennis Church of the Nazarene, South Dennis, MA*

*Edmund de la Cour, First Baptist Church, Pocasset MA*

*Mary E. Dow, Richmond Corner Baptist Church, Richmond ME*

*Neil Eaton, New Hope Chapel, Plymouth MA*

*John Eckhardt, Stauron University, Topsham ME*

*John and Jane Fillmore, Zion Christian Fellowship, Londonderry NH*

*Juan Francisco, Door of Refuge Church, Providence RI*

*Jonathan Friz, New England Alliance, Georgetown MA*

*Michael Gantt, Agape Christian Fellowship, Brattleboro VT*

*Dick Germaine, Barnabas Ministries, Hopkinton MA*

*Brandt Gillespie, Pray TV, Salem MA*

*Tom Griffith, River of Life Church, Boston MA*

*Russ Hewett, Abundant Life Church, Bangor ME*

*Wilson Hickham, Biddeford ME*

*David R. Hill, Abundant Grace, Brighton MA*

*Justin Howard, Imago Dei Anglican Church, University of ME at Orono*

*Neil Hubacker, the harbor: a community of faith, Beverly MA*

*Bruce James, Baptist Convention of New England, Marlborough MA*

*Paul Jehle, New Testament Church, Plymouth MA*

*Victor Khokhlan, King of the Nations House of Prayer, Somerville MA*

*Dick Kiernan, Alpha New England, Manchester NH*

*Elijah Kim, The Vitality Project, Boston MA*

*Brian and Ana Lahoue, The Awakening, Harvard Square, Cambridge MA*

*Bryan and Natalie Larson, Greater Salem Vineyard, Salem NH*

*Nick Manha, Household of Faith, Amherst NH*

*Jeff Marks, New England Concerts of Prayer, Beverly MA*

*Rick McKinniss, Wellspring Church, Kensington CT*

*Donna Milham, Judah's Roar, Gloucester MA*

*Kris Mineau, Massachusetts Family Institute, Woburn MA*

*Roberto Miranda, Congregación León de Judá, Boston MA*

*Raffoul Najem, Community Christian Fellowship, Lowell MA*

*Nancy Nichols, Transformation Ministries, Presque Isle ME*

*David Otis, First Light Church, Chatham, MA*

*Christ Otto, 333 House of Prayer, Boston MA*

*Sergio Perez, Harvest Ministries, S Weymouth MA*

*Edson Porto, Joshua Project, Wellesley MA*

*Mamdouh Riad, The Glory of God on Cape Cod, Dennis MA*

*David Rosen, Gathering Nations New England, Essex Junction VT*

*Stephen Russell, New Life Christian Center, Dennisport, MA*

*Arthur Savage, Chichester United Methodist Church, Chicester NH*

*Larry Shaw, His Gathering Place, Rumford ME*

*Robert Shepitka, Northeast House of Prayer, Latham NY*

*Colleen Sherman, Sweet Savor Ministries, Holden MA*

*Al and Diane Shimer, Lowell Lundstrom Ministries, Topsfield MA*

*Frank Siciliano, Park Ave Church of God, Portland ME*

*Brian Simmons, Apostolic Resource Center, West Haven CT*

*Todd and Joy Skeirik, Gateway Christian Fellowship, West Haven CT*

*Paul Sontag, Light of the World Christian Church, Milford NH*

*Fumio Taku, Rock of Zion Ministries, West Roxbury MA*

*Bethany Temple, Justice House of Prayer Boston, Cambridge MA*

*Gail Thomas, Institute for Hebraic-Christian Studies, Woburn MA*

*Keith Tolley, Vision New England, Dover NH*

*Keven Vachon, The Bridge Church Midcoast Maine, Dresden ME*

*Bob and Rose Weiner, Weiner Ministries International, Gainesville FL*

*Kit Weiss, Fellowship of Faith, Newport RI*

*Steven and Karen Williams, Crown Fellowship, Waltham MA*

*Colon Wright, Emmanuel Assembly of God, Onset, MA*

*Marlene Yeo, Somebody Cares New England, Haverhill MA*