New "FREE" Conference This Summer, June 13, 2012

 On July 21, Songtime Radio will be hosting The Definitions Conference.



Date: Saturday July 21, 2012
Time: 4:00 PM
Place: Christ Chapel
1200 Old Stage Road, Centerville MA
Cost: Free
RSVP: Requested – call 508-362-7070 by 4 PM on Thursday, July 19
Info: or 508-362-7070

Over the past year, God has been working behind the scenes at Songtime
to bring about some amazing opportunities. This generation presents some
unique challenges in presenting the Gospel. Statistics tell us that the
church is at risk of becoming obsolete in the near future. The prognosis
is not very good.

One of the major factors facing the church of the future is the lack of
definition for Christian distinctives. Faith has been relegated out of
the public arena, Hope has been subverted in a culture that hates the
gospel, and Love has been perverted by a world of tolerance.

The solution is not an easy one. It will require a united effort toward
truth, but there is hope.

While The Definitions Conference is designed for young adults and teens
to provide clarity to Christianity, everyone is welcome to this
exciting, new conference. The one-day event will be held on Saturday,
July 21 at Christ Chapel in Centerville. It will include an
inspirational concert featuring well-known musicians, a free cookout,
and a powerful conference where Faith, Hope, and Love will be given
clear definition.

In order to make sure this conference is successful, we need your help.

~ Pray for the Conference: We are praying for at least 300 people to
attend the conference. We want to get this message out to as many young
people as possible. Pray that the message will provide the much-needed
clarity Christians need to make an impact on this world.

~ Let us know you are coming, and bringing a group: Even though the
conference is designed for young adults and teens, we feel that these
truths are important for everyone to hear. We want you to come, to bring
your family, and to invite your whole church. Please call or write to
let us know that you are coming. Check out the website
( and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to
keep updated on important information.

~ Support Operation Advance: These opportunities are only made possible
by the generous support of God's people. Consider supporting Songtime’s
Operation Advance and be a part of defining the faith of the future!

I may not have met you yet, but I look forward to seeing you at The
Definitions Conference.

God bless,

Rev. Adam Miller
Songtime USA
710 Main St.
Yarmouth Port, MA 02675