Preparation for Cape Cod Sacred Assembly, July 20, 2007

 Preparation for the Cape Cod Sacred Assembly:

1. Pastors and leaders need to realize that God is calling us to a
season of heart preparation and repentance. If the vision, which may
be foreign to many believers, is to succeed, leadership on the Cape
must be fully behind the project, and rally their respective
congregations, and fellow pastors and leaders.

2. Pastors and leaders need to prepare themselves. A time of prayer
and fasting for themselves and their flock. It is helpful to study
the scriptures that pertain to repentance. Key topics are the Holy
Spirit, the importance and power of repentance and mourning, the
discipline of fasting.

3. Pastors and leaders need to call their people. The vision may be
foreign to some Christians. Many may think repentance and a Sacred
Assembly is unnecessary, perhaps because they think that the grace of
God precludes the need for repentance. Suffice to say that Jesus in
the New Testament called the church of Ephesus to
"Repent" (Revelations). Pastors and Leaders need to articulate the
need for repentance, mourning, and fasting as a community. They must
also be willing to model these three things. Because God called us to
this, he will give us favor both to do and to teach others.

The body of Christ on the Cape needs to see the purpose. Many might
wonder how these will be beneficial in any way. In fact, the power
of God is very practical, and when his people repent, He promises to
"forgive them and heal their land." The goal of repentance and Sacred
Assembly is radical transformation of our lives and our world by the
power of the Living God.

4. Pastors and leaders need to prepare the people through various
avenues including Sunday am, Home groups, prayer meetings, Sunday
school..etc by :

a. Preaching and teaching on fasting, repentance, the importance of
Christian unity, and other related topics.

b. Calling a time of preparatory fasting and prayer during the 10
days and before.

c. Prayer work outs: Gathering for several hours to pray-building
discipline for long times of prayer.

d. Long times of meditation on the Word. The prophets, Psalms and
Proverbs, and the Gospels are great places to dwell.