Repentance, the basis of revival, by October 16, 2009

 Fellow believers on Cape Cod,

If every one of us individually were to obey God in every particular
of His calling on our lives, we would be operating in perfect harmony,
because we would all be obeying the same Head. He would coordinate us
perfectly, to produce a total effect much greater than the sum of each
individual act of obedience. We've all seen this work in some instance
or other.

So, if we're not operating in perfect harmony here on Cape Cod, it
follows that some, or perhaps all, of us are falling short somewhere
in our obedience to God.

Now, there's nothing unusual about that. We're human, and we sin. But
what it means is, every one of us has something of which we could, and
should, repent.

There is only one Christian on the planet about whom you, personally,
are responsible for repentance, and that's the Christian in the
mirror. We're all pretty good at pointing out what other folks ought
to change if they want something better, but what about what you and I
can change, individually?

The conclusion is, if you really want revival on Cape Cod, and you
want God's will to be done here, there is something very specific that
you can do, right now, this very minute. Pray, if you will, that God
will reveal to you one thing about which you need to repent. Pray it
right now. Mean it. Start listening for His answer. When you get the
answer, take action on that one thing.

Please do not prejudge the answer. Each of us has failings that we
fret about. More than likely, those are a lot more important to us
than they are to God. If you let Him, God will tell you what HE thinks
you should address next, and 99 times out of 100, it will not be what
you expected. So don't prejudge. Listen.

And then DO.

If we all do this, we're all one step closer to real revival here on
Cape Cod. There is no other avenue that I know of to revival. Every
revival in the history of the Church has begun with repentance. Please
join me -- pray for YOURSELF, ask God what one thing you should repent
of first, listen, and then do what God says about that one thing.

Thanks for listening.

Phil Weingart
South Dennis, MA