Seeking God's Presence, April 1, 2012

 To All Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

It is my pleasure to once again host the GOGOCC. The last time we got together there were so many people we could not fit you all in our Church. This time to be sure we have enough room we (Mashpee Baptist Church) rented the Mashpee High School which is off the Mashpee rotory and head down RTE. 151 can't miss it, the time will be 6:30 -8:00 Please try to get there early. Because there is a special guest coming (THE HOLY SPIRIT). and PLEASE bring as many people as you can, lets fill this auditorium with God's presence and God's praying warriors. And one more thing there may be some native drumming to lift up the name of the Lord (We're hoping) to be held on April 25th the 4th Wed. May God be with you all.

Pastor Frye