Soul to Soul, July 8, 2010

 Dear Friends,
On July 12th 2010 at 6pm we are having a Christian worship and prayer
service at Pufferbellies Nightclub in Hyannis. We desire to demonstrate the
power of
the gospel in a public forum, In Isaiah 45:3 states "And I will give you the
treasures of darkness in hidden riches that you may know that I the Lord
call you
by your name..." We are at stake to love the lost, the broken, and the bound
with purpose. To demonstrate in the natural the Kingdom of Heaven on
Earth. This event will demonstrate to the culture on cape the love and mercy
of God. We have two Christian bands, preaching, ministering, comedy, and
would appreciate support with our prayer teams. We have thirteen sponsors
from out local business community, the Cape Cod Times is covering the event
before and during.Look for us in the Sunday issue. Brothers, I earnestly and
humbly encourage you to participate if at all possible. We pray for the
Glory to come, this is an opportunity for the manifest presence of God to
shine on his people. I believe in my heart It's time to call things that are
not as though they were.We are declaring to the world "How Long will you
waver between two opinions"1st kings 18:21. Friends and brothers--For Such a
Time as This. If not now, when ? If not us who ? The Light Of The Father
Warm Your Soul.

In him John Machado