Summary of Gateway, Glory of God Meeting, January 28, 2012


God is revealing His Glory!!!

As many of you know this past Wednesday was the monthly Glory of God
meeting and Gateway was honored to serve as host church. My own
personal opinion was the event was blessed and God was pleased. I stood
in awe when I invited pastors to come forward to pray for our dear
brother and his concern for his wife's health issue. I was truly
blessed and humbled by the number of pastors that came forward to pray.
The church was packed and you could feel the excitement in the
atmosphere. A couple had driven down from New Hampshire to be with us
and they were going to take back the experience and share it in their
sphere of influence.

Lord, open our eyes to see that Your Glory is falling and Your Presence
increasing. He might not show up like we expect, but when I witnessed
the hunger and unity of the believers and the growing number of pastors
attending my heart rejoiced with anticipation for what God will do
next. God is manifesting His Glory, I can see it in the development of
a regional body of believers, the unity and the growing hunger for His
Presence. What will God do next?

Come find out...our next meeting is February 22nd at 6:30 pm at the
Falmouth Church of the won't want to miss it.

In His Grace,

Bob Condon
Gateway Christian Center