Summary of the Meeting for Glory of God on Cape Cod, March 25, 2011

 Hello everyone!

Wednesday evening we met at Gateway and worshiped together and prayed
together. There were many in attendance and the Spirit of the Lord was
with us in a tangible way. It was good to see pastors, leaders and their
congregations come out to make a statement reinforcing the value of our
pursuit of God's glory for the entire region. The prayers were heartfelt
and focused and the flow seemed to support praying for the harvest, not
shrinking from our personal and corporate call to be a witness and to
increase unity through love. Seth, pastor of the Vineyard church of
Hyannis led us at the end in a prayer of healing and we witnessed
several significant healings...Praise God!! The value of our
prioritizing this important time together cannot be over emphasized. I
would strongly encourage pastors and leaders to make this a renewed
priority and to impress their congregation to value it as well. I can't
think of another regional event that highlights love, unity and the
coming together of the body of Christ for the good of the entire region.
Let's pray about the level of our involvement and truly ask the Lord if
He wants us to be more involved and to encourage others to do the same.
I believe with everything going on in the world we need the power of
unity and common vision like never before.

The next meeting will be at the Brazilian Assembly of God on the 27th of
April. The church is located in Hyannis on Mary Dunn Road and their
website is:

Be encouraged, remember the night is almost over and the Day is almost
here when no one will be able to work..Rom 13: 11&12
See you next month.

Bob Condon
Pastor, Gateway Christian Center