The Glory of God on Cape Cod: March 12, 2008 update

 *" Remember His marvelous works which He has done..." *Psalm 105:5

Dear friends,

Today pastors across the Cape and from diverse denominational backgrounds
again met to pray for the Glory of God on Cape Cod vision.

We reviewed the journey since its beginning, when the Lord started us on
the Glory of God on Cape Cod vision.
The purpose of this review was to celebrate what GOD has done, not us, and
be exhorted to continue and persevere. We also are mindful that many
faithful people have been praying and ministering here for years even before
many of us moved here. This is about God's heart for Cape Cod for such a
time like this.

*Our journey so far:*

1. June 2004: The birth of the Glory of God on Cape Cod vision.

2. September 2004: After a period of sharing the vision, our current
bi-weekly meeting began.

3. December 2004: We received the following prophetic word about the Cape
from a credible source off Cape:
"The Lord is saying : It is My intention to invade this land (Cape Cod)
with My Spirit/Glory, because there are a few faithful remnant souls who
have been crying out to Me, asking Me to pour rain on this dry land.....This
(vision) is a small seed that will be watered and watered till it grows into
an enormous tree, with many branches that will extend to the surrounding
geographical area (off Cape).....Therefore be persistent and diligent, and
keep moving in the direction of the vision that I have given you....Set
aside agreed time of fasting and prayer...I will remove a lot of evil from
this land, and I will bless this land (Cape Cod)."

4. June 2005: The Lord put on our hearts five core values: humility,
holiness, prayer and fasting, being led by the Holy Spirit, and unity in our
diversity as believers.

5. March 2006: We send a letter summarizing the vision to all Cape Cod Bible
believing pastors.

6. April 2006: We created our current website.

7. May 2006: We began to ask pastors to share the vision with their

8. January 2007: We began to sense God's leading for the Cape Cod Sacred
Assembly and began to share this with pastors.

9. March 2007: For the next few months, we began to plan for the Cape Cod
Sacred Assembly (Event time line, information meetings, promotional DVD
production, print material...etc)

10. September 22, 2007 (Yom Kippur/The Day of Atonement): Cape Cod Sacred
Assembly, an event which we sense was very significant step on our journey.

11. October 2007: We began to sense the need for holding three regional Cape
meetings to build on the Sacred Assembly.

12. February 23, 2008: Mid-Cape Gathering.

*Our next step: *
We strongly feel the Lord leading us now to encourage the birth of prayer
meetings across the Cape in every Christian home and every Christian church.
We are calling for a *Cape Cod Prayer Furnace:*

We are asking all brothers and sisters in Christ on the Cape to:

I. Make every Christian home in your church a house of prayer. Let every
Christian home on Cape Cod commit to praying half an hour a day specifically
that :

a. The Lord would pour His Spirit on us and our families, that His Presence
would fill our lives (The disciples in the book of Acts were filled many
times, not just once), and that the Presence and Glory of God would fill our

b. The Lord would pour out His Spirit on your church, that the Presence and
the Glory of God would fill your church where you attend and all the
churches of Cape Cod.

c. The Lord would pour out His Spirit on your town where you live, that He
would bring multitudes to His Kingdom in your town and all over the Cape.

II. Make every Christian church on the Cape a house a prayer. If your
church has a vibrant, well-attended prayer meeting, praise God. If not, we
encourage you to start one. Jesus said that the church is a house of prayer,
not only a house of fellowship and preaching/teaching (though of course
these are biblical mandates as well).

We want fervent prayers ascending to the throne of God from every Christian
home and every Christian church on Cape Cod unceasingly; like the widow of
Luke 18:3, until we experience His Glory/manifest Presence in our midst and
the subsequent outbreak of revival.

III. We further sense that every church would focus its corporate prayer
meeting on praying for the town it is in; that the Lord would pour out His
Spirit on that particular town and bring multitudes to His Kingdom. This way
we would be building the broken walls of the Cape in a Nehemiah-like
fashion, side by side, town by town. Let us together disseminate this vision
of a Cape Cod Prayer Furnace that asks, seeks, and knocks on heaven's door
for His Glory in our midst and the subsequent outbreak of revival.


The Glory of God on Cape Cod team