The Glory of God on Cape Cod: March 25, 2009 update: God Waits...

*"Therefore the Lord will wait, that he may be gracious to you; and
therefore He will be exalted, that He may have mercy on you. For the Lord is
a God of justice; blessed are those who wait for Him" *Isaiah 30:18

Today pastors and leaders from across the Cape and across denominational
lines, met again to pray for the vision that the Lord deposited in our
hearts, a vision of His Glory in our midst and the subsequent outbreak of

We were encouraged that the Lord has given us the grace to sustain in
prayer for almost 5 years. We were reminded of Revelation 8, where the Lord
shows us that our prayers ascend to His throne and are kept in a bowl until
the tipping point, when He mixes them with fire from His altar
and we see our prayers answered. We were affirmed by the Lord that He will
fulfill His word to us and we will see His glory in our midst.

We also discussed the questions: 1.Are we waiting on God to bring revival
on Cape Cod or is He waiting on us?
2. What is He
waiting for/expecting us to do?
3. Are we
waiting on God who is reluctant to bring revival, until we pray

more, or until
He gets in "revival mood"?
4. Does God
always want to manifest Himself and bring revival, but He
waits till we
take certain necessary biblical steps outlined in His word?
and what
are those steps?

Throughout the scriptures, God discloses His zeal to manifest Himself and
show His glory and power to His people, but we must not be too busy doing
our own thing to accept His invitation. We must resist being comfortable
with our individuality and independence that we don't seek the unity that
He requires. We must resist building our own little kingdoms, and
rather have a regional vision with zeal for His glory in our midst,
recognizing that we are one body, many congregations.

God waits to extend grace to us. He waits till we align our lives with Him,
His word, in our personal lives, in the way we relate to one another, and in
seeking revival on Cape Cod.

As we begin to respond to Him, we are also waiting on Him for the revival
while actively moving in obedience to the light he has given us.
Three elements emerge in our waiting: 1. Our need to cultivate intimacy with
God: All revival begins with

personal revival at the foot of the Cross.
Intimacy leads to the favor of God, by which He opens doors that we

cannot open by ourselves.
3. The
favor of God on us leads to God releasing in us the authority

to walk in and do His kingdom exploits that He calls us to do.


The Glory of God on Cape Cod team