The Road to Qua-Qua Farm, August 10, 2010

 The Road to Qua ~ Qua Farm
by Kathleen J. Perry

Mid Cape Assembly of God
Dennisport, Ma 02631
contact info: Rev. Henry Perry, 508-385-7405
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This book deals with the conversion of a young couple involved in the New Age, (Eastern Religeons, the cult, vegetarianisms, drugs and American Indian Shamanism.)
Since theses ideas are still prevelant in today's society, this book will help pave the way for salvation to many in this generation.
The Road to Qua ~ Qua Farm will help those seeking the truth to discover, “How does a man become wise?” "For what will it profit a man to gain the whole world, and loose his soul?"
The District Superintendent of the Southern New England District of the

Assemblies of God, Rev. Bob Wise wrote:

“This couples unique experiences helped them build a successful “down to

earth” Christ centered ministry. Their desire is not only to share this extraordinary

story, but to touch people’s lives, and see lives transformed by the power of God’s

Holy Spirit!”
The Road to Qua ~ Qua Farm is an inspirational story of a young couple living on a hippie commune in the early 1970's in the back woods of Nova Scotia. Their Quest was spiritual in nature, as they would soon discover the dusty road leading to the farm was just the beginning of a journey to awaken their souls, and satisfy the emptiness within their hearts. It would be a quest toward the King and His Kingdom!
Striving for a life filled with material possessions, power, and pleasure, is still a human dilemma touching all generations. Through personal experiences, and circumstances beyond their control, they began to realize this pursuit was empty, and meaningless, leaving an unquenchable thirst that could not be satisfied, compelling them to search for the true meaning of their existence. Their lives, attitudes, and characters were transformed along the Road to Qua ~ Qua Farm.

Kathleen Perry has been involved in Christian ministry for nearly thirty years.

She is an Assembly of God minister’s wife, Registered Nurse in Obstetrics, and mother

of four adult children, and three endearing grand-sons. Both Kathy and her husband

have been married for thirty-six years, and continue to minister together at Mid Cape

Assembly of God, on the pristine shores of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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