United Prayer Summary 6/22/11

prayer took place last evening at Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church in Brewster (Wed. 6/22)
themes that emerged:
1) It had a family feel
to it. There was a sense of brotherly love in the body of Christ joined together
and ministering to each other.
2) Evangelism – prayer
for open doors, especially for personal evangelism
3) Things given up
for dead coming back to life - a story of an unusual answer to prayer prompted these prayers

· Prayer for Cape Cod’s
low spiritual reputation to be left behind for new life
exhortation was that Cape Cod might become aplace for people not to run from God, but to find God.
· For Camp Good
News trials to be redeemed by God for something new
4) Healing – a testimony
of God’s healing was given, including fresh good news from a doctor’s visit
that day
for two area pastors in deep physical need and for others

The next GGOCC Prayer Meeting is at Pocasset Baptist
The Fourth Wednesday, July 27th

In Calvary’s tie,