UPDATE on GOGCC, March 18, 2011

 Dear friends,

Attached is a Bible study on Unity/Kingdom relationships with contributions
from many pastors and leaders in the GOGCC network. Together we divided the
New Testament and the book of proverbs among us, and we specifically looked
at verses that speak of unity and kingdom relationships; what the scriptures
say about how believers in the kingdom are to relate to one another. The
result is compiled in the attached, Word document.

Though it is currently a long document, you will find it very edifying to
just take a minute and zoom in on what the Scripture teaches on what unity
and kingdom relationships are to be like. May the Lord grant us to walk in
that as pastors,leaders,and congregations within all individual churches on
Cape Cod, AND as different churches and ministries relate to one anther!
May the body of Christ on the Cape reflect Jesus Christ in that way. Surely
that would be a critical ingredient in preparing for a manifestation of
God's glory among us on the Cape!

When we were preparing this study, each contributor made up categories for
the sections they reviewed, e.g. a category of verses with the theme of
"Honoring one another" or "Conflict resolution," etc. Some of these
categories and verses are repeated throughout, because various themes
run through multiple portions of the Scriptures. A thought to consider for
anyone who is interested, is to consider gathering a group of friends and
work together to study this subject of kingdom unity and relationships, and
summarize this document, merging categories and consolidating repeatitive
verses into a smaller document, thus making it a readable, helpful resource
on the subject. This would not only benefit the group for body of Christ on
Cape Cod.

We would like to share with you a few thoughts on the GOGCC, using an
analogy from the recent Egyptian revolution that was front page news in the
recent past for all of us:
It started with some people having a dream for their land, a dream to have
freedom from oppression, to see their land free.
For that dream, they laid down their lives, for their land and for one
another. They walked together in this revolution, all acutely aware that
they are part of something bigger than themselves. One of the organizers of
the revolution publicly told his supporters, "If you are ready to lay down
your life for your land, come join us. If you are thinking 'What's in it for
me?' stay home."

Similarly, God has a dream for Cape Cod, to see it free from the oppression
of the enemy. To see it filled with His glory, and to see a multitude of
people flocking to His Son for salvation! We have all caught a glimpse of
that dream. In fact, this is the only reason we have all experienced the
stirring that we did, and the only reason WE have that same dream! it's the
witness of the Holy Spirit of the Father's dream for the Cape. Let's not
forget the Cape's special spiritual significance as the birthplace of this

We all acknowledge and agree that each individual church has it's God-given,
special purpose, mission, and needs, and that the leadership of that church
discerns and shepherds their particular flock accordingly. At the same
time, it is critical that we all are aware that we are part of something
bigger than ourselves and our individual congregations, and that we share a
vision for God's glory among us!

Imagine if all Cape Cod born-again Christians sitting in the pews of
different churches on Sunday mornings, all having zeal for God's purposes
for the Cape, all hungry to see the glory of God in our midst and a
subsequent outbreak of revival, AND aware that their fellow born-again
Christians sitting in the pews of different churches share that same zeal
and hunger!

This is the picture of all of us walking together: recognizing the
God-given, individual purpose of a local congregation, AND simultaneously
walking together, sharing a God given regional vision, and realizing that we
are all part of something bigger that God is weaving on the Cape!

Let us all walk together in unity: pastors, leaders,
conregations, responding to God's stirring and collectively crying out for
God's glory in our midst and the subsequent outbreak of revival!

We welcome any thoughts/suggestions regarding encouraging various churches
to grasp this Cape-wide vision.

God bless!

The Glory of God on Cape Cod team.

Bible Study on Kingdom Relationships.doc
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