What Lies Ahead for America and the Church, June 4, 2010


What does the future have in store for the United States and the Church? The Holy Spirit is giving insight to believers into dramatic events that are about to transpire in America and in the Church in this nation.


by Michael Edds

Frank Bartleman, chronicler of the Azusa Street Outpouring, once wrote, “In order to understand what God is going to do, we must understand what He once did.” The histories of Great Awakenings reveal that these immense moves of God either preceded a cataclysmic event or such an event occurred shortly followed the Awakening. When the Awakenings preceded tragic events, one of the main purposes of the Awakening was to prepare God’s people for what was ahead. The First Great Awakening came shortly before the horrific conflagration of the American Revolution. A cholera epidemic preceded The Second Great Awakening in Cane Ridge, Kentucky and the War of 1812 occurred a few years later. On the heels of The Third Great Awakening of 1859 came the greatest holocaust of American history in which 600,000 perished in the War Between the States. A great earthquake in Los Angeles occurred during the time of the Azusa Street Outpouring.

The Lord has revealed to me that a great time of gross darkness and calamity is about to descend upon America and the world. It will radically change the way we live. God is about to judge and purge America for her great sins and her refusal to repent and turn from them. America has refused the kindness and mercies of a loving God. When a people refuse His mercy, all that remains is divine judgment.

I have had a reoccurring dream of a great storm coming from the West. In the dream, I see the black, swift clouds of the storm coming and am running to warn people to get to safety. I seem to be the only one aware of its coming. They are totally oblivious to the danger as I try to get them into safe shelter. I believe that devastating tragedies of divine judgment are about to befall America soon. Prior to judgment, God always extends His offer of mercy. That offer will be a Final Great Awakening that will burst upon the scene as a merciful God calls the church and America to repent. During this Awakening, the old wells of past great outpourings will be reopened and the fallen mantles of ministry of the great men and women of God from the past will be picked up and laid upon chosen servants of today to complete what was started long ago. I believe that new fountains of God’s move will burst forth and produce the “new thing” that was prophesied in Isaiah. The “Joseph Generation,” the leaders of the coming awakening who have been prepared and hidden for so long, will be revealed. The Joseph Generation is a secret weapon that God will release upon the kingdom of darkness. Through these trusted, selfless, and holy people, He will do great and marvelous exploits. The most incredible move of God will come through this chosen generation. Great persecution will come against a restored, empowered and holy church of God. Many saints will seal their testimonies with their own blood but a final witness will be given to this nation and to the world. The final harvest will be brought in. Shortly afterwards, the Lord will call the Church home to Heaven.

We have entered the last moments of the Church age. The alarm is sounding calling the church and the world to repent. God’s last mercy call, the final Great Awakening, is about to burst forth as a final witness. It will prepare the church for what lies ahead. Great calamities are about to befall this nation and the world. The time of the “failing of men’s hearts for fear of what is coming upon the earth” is nigh! For the Church, her finest hour is at hand.