What the Holy Spirit is Doing on the Cape: Encouraging News from One Pastor

 A blessed Lord's day to you!

I just want you to know that I included the Cape Cod Prayer Furnace as a
half sheet in today's worship folder. I have also updated our web site's
announcement page to include a reference to it, and have referenced your web

Our mid-week prayer meeting was inactive and dead for quite a while, but was
revived in early March. We now have it as a regular part of our week, for
which I am very glad. Our men's and women's ministries have weekly times of
prayer, but this is specifically only for prayer. As a side note, I am
blessed to have a majority of the participants being male! That's a switch
from the normal. I would also point out that, in the past, our prayer
meetings would have consisted of long periods of silence (which would be OK
if the silence meant that God was doing something that required silence).
In fact, it was not unusual for me to nod off to sleep... Now, there is
really good participation, and the time moves very quickly. It is a new
season prayer-wise in our church.

Pastor Ed de la Cour.

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