What the Holy Spirit is Sounding Across the Land: A Call to Prayer, March 5, 2008

        *Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Let us cover Cape Cod in prayer. Every day in every Christian home, let's
fervently pray for the Glory of God in our misdst on the Cape. This is what
the Holy Spirit is sounding across the land. See e-mail below about "Reign
down USA"
*If our previous call to cover the Cape in prayer by making every Chritian
home and every Christian church a house of prayer,let your brothers and
sisters know by posting it in the Google group.* Let us all be encouraged by
the emerging home and church prayer meetings across the Cape.
The Glory of God on Cape Cod team
* "Reign Down USA" 4-26-08 / A National Gathering
for Worship and Repentance*
Dear Friend in Christ,
A national gathering time for worship and repentance has been ordained by
God *in a vision given to a young mother here in **Phoenix** over a year ago
*( You can read the details of this in the website below). It is
to be convened Saturday, April 26th at 6:00 PM on the Mall in front of the
Capitol in Washington, DC and, simultaneously, in dozens of other locations
across our nation.

*Already, stadiums in several cities have been reserved and the grounds of
many state capitols have been reserved so that every corner of this nation
will be represented and connected to **Washington**, where possible, through
a closed circuit network.
*There will be no speakers other than prayer leaders and no personality will
be promoted other than that of Jesus Christ. According to 2 Chronicles 7:14.
*God wants to forgive us our sins and heal our land and according to 1 John
1:9 He wants to purify us from all unrighteousness. How precious is His
love for us and how magnificent is His power to heal His people and restore
His glory!!

Please pray and see if the Lord would have you and your ministry partners
take part and, if so please invite those whom you know that might be called
as well. *Two web sites have been set up for coordination*. They are at <> or

Great things ahead in Christ Jesus, John Leggat