What the Holy Spirit is Sounding Elsewhere: It's Sooner Than You Think, by David Demian


*It's Sooner Than You Think*

***By David Demian*



Late last night I was faced with a dilemma. On the one hand I had a lot of
packing to do for a trip that I am taking to Israel today. But on the other
hand, I was very tired. And because I knew my flight wasn't leaving until
later in the morning, I was really tempted to just go to sleep and do the
packing when I got up. But for some reason, I just couldn't shake this
nagging feeling that I shouldn't delay. After wrestling for a while, I
finally decided to stay up until I finished.

As I was ironing my clothes and thinking about Israel, my mind went back to
the last time the members of the Israeli Knesset toured Canada in February
2007. At that time, I had personally gone through a long and difficult
season of spiritual warfare and frankly, I was worn out. So while I was
looking forward to the tour and spending time with the Jewish people, I
really wasn't in a place of great faith or expectancy with the Lord. But to
my surprise on the very first night in Ottawa, I saw an incredible openness
of heart between the Christians and the Jewish people as all of us, it
seemed, were touched by a powerful and compelling presence of the love of
God. It was as if we could feel His favour and pleasure as "the brethren
dwelled together in unity." (Psalm 133).

It has been a great desire of my heart for a long time to see God heal the
deep hurts that have existed in the relationship between Jews and
Christians. I don't want our children to inherit the division and pain that
we inherited. Yet knowing that these wounds are founded in terrible
historical atrocities perpetrated by Christians against the Jews, I always
felt that any healing and reconciliation would be a long and difficult
process. So as I marveled at the freedom and love that I felt in that room
in Ottawa, I asked the Lord, "Is this what You promised me a long time ago?
Are You giving me a signal that the time is coming?" And clearly I heard the
Lord speak in my heart, "David, it's sooner than you think".

I was still meditating on this story last night when I finished my packing
and gratefully collapsed into bed.

Early this morning I was awakened by a phone call from Air Canada. The
flight that I was taking to Toronto had been delayed for four hours, putting
me in jeopardy of missing my connecting flight to Tel Aviv. I asked the
agent if there was anything I could do. "The good news," she answered, "is
there is another flight. The bad news is it's leaving in a few hours." My
flight was leaving sooner than I had thought - and I was so grateful I had
listened to the Lord's prompting to finish my packing the night before!

As I raced to the airport, I was reminded how at the start of the last
Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah, which occurred on September 29) God spoke to
me that we had entered into a season of acceleration and as such, we needed
to get used to a new spiritual "timetable". Instead of marking the seasons
of the Lord year by year, now we would be seeing shifts every 3 months. And
because of this, the luxury of casually listening to the Lord or delaying in
responding to His voice was gone.

The men of Issachar, the Scriptures tell us, were wise because they
recognized the seasons and the times in which they were living. And so it
is for us today. The timetables of God are shifting; we are entering into
the season of "sooner than we think". So we need to be alert and vigilant
to hear what the Spirit is saying and radical in our obedience to bring all
aspects of our lives into alignment with His rhema (spoken) word.

I really believe this is also the season when we are going to begin to see
the kingdom of God being established on earth as it is in heaven. And so
it's important for us to understand that the release of this true spiritual
governmental authority isn't going to come by our strength, our wisdom or
our ability. It's only going to come when we hear what the Lord is saying
and choose to move by faith in obedience to His voice, regardless of what
things look like to our natural minds. When we walk this way, we exalt the
Lord to His rightful place as King over all the circumstances of our lives
and we position ourselves to see His power and His authority establish His
purposes in the earth. All He is requiring of us is that we be a people
willing in the day of His power.


* *


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