When New England Prays, February 16, 2010

  *"He changes the times and seasons..." **Daniel 2:21*
* *
*"The Holy Spirit testifies in every city..." **Acts 20: 23*

Throughout many generations, many across the body of Christ have labored in
New England, with prayer, fasting, and evangelism.

All have had vision for the glory of God in New England, for a great
awakening, all inspired by the revival we read about in Jonathan's Edwards

Some have planted, others have watered...All have had the cry of *" LORD, I
have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O LORD. Renew them in
our day, in our time make them known..." *Habakkuk 3:2

Since 1620, a stream of spiritual outpourings has flowed through New
England, influencing the rest of the nation and even the world. Now, there
are *many national and local leaders who feel a new season is upon New
England and that we are on the threshold of another Great Awakening. *There
is a collective witness of the Holy Spirit that we are to enter into a
40-day season of prayer and fasting. As the JHOP team have felt stirred to
enter *40-days of prayer and fasting March 1 – April 9 2010 *this sense is
independently shared by other leaders and ministries in the body of Christ
across America

The International House of Prayer in Kansas City Missouri has been
experiencing an extraordinary move of the Spirit marked by salvation,
physical/emotional healing and deliverance. Our hearts are encouraged as Lou
Engle, Thecall inc., the International House of Prayer (IHOP) leadership and
the IHOP community have a burden from the Lord for awakening in New England.
They feel the Lord has spoken very clearly that they are to come along side
and labor with us in New England for this 40-day season. On Sunday February
14th Lou Engle spoke a stirring message about what the Lord is speaking
regarding New England and the 40-day fast. You can view this service
at clicking
this link <>.
Lou's message starts at the 1:04 mark.

As many throughout America enter into this 40-day season we are inviting the
church of New England to engage with us in

1. *24-7 prayer*
The vision is that as the cooperate body of believers we would sustain
24-7 prayer as individual churches, campus groups, houses of prayer, etc.
commit to praying 1 hour daily or weekly.

2. *Awakening Gatherings*
The vision is that during the 40-days each New England state would host
an Awakening Gathering. We will be sending the IHOP team and one of their
senior leaders to lead an Awakening gathering at churches and college

3. *New England-Wide Awakening Gathering*
The vision is to gather together at the culmination of our fast on *April
9th* for a corporate gathering.

Please visit <> to sign up for
a prayer time, to locate a prayer gathering and for Awakening Gathering
Let’s join together as the corporate body of New England to cry out for that
which has long been prophesied! Let’s believe God for the fullness of all he
desires for New England, that we would once again be a land of great revival
touching the nations of the earth with the glory of God!

*"A humble attempt to promote the agreement and union of God's people
throughout the world in extraordinary prayer for a revival of religion and
the advancement of God's kingdom on earth, according to scriptural promises
and prophecies of the last time." - Jonathan Edwards - A Humble Attempt*

For the glory of His name!

Josiah Armstrong - Youthstorm (Windham, NH)
Diane Caracciolo -(Providence Life Center (Providence, RI)
Peter Carpentier –North Shore Christian Ministries (Rowley, MA)
Linda Clark - New England Apostolic Prayer Network (Boston, MA)
John and Linda Eckhardt - Stauron International, Stauron University, Pursuit
of the Holy (Topsham, ME)
Jonathan Friz - New England Alliance, 10 Days of Prayer (Georgetown, MA)
Dick Germaine - Barnabas Ministries, Inc. (Hopkinton, MA)
David W. Hill - Fenway Church (Boston, MA)
Brian and Ana Lahoue, The Awakening - Harvard Square, Weiner Ministries
International (Cambridge, MA)
Jeff Marks - New England Concerts of Prayer (Beverly, MA)
Roberto Miranda - Leon de Juda (Boston, MA)
Raffoul Najem- Community Christian Fellowship (Lowell, MA)
Mamdouh and Cynthia Riad – The Glory of God on Cape Cod (Dennis, MA)
Dave Rosen - Gathering Nations New England House of Prayer (Burlington, VT)
Edson Porto - Joshua Project (Wellesley, MA)
Robert Shepitka - NorthEast House of Prayer (Latham, NY)
Colleen Sherman, Sweet Savor Ministries (Boston, MA)
Brian Simmons - Apostolic Resource Center (West Haven, CT)
Todd and Joy Skeirik - Gateway Christian Fellowship (West Haven, CT)
Darrell and Bethany Temple – JHOP Boston (Cambridge, MA)
Gail B. Thomas - Institute for Hebraic Christian Studies New England
(Woburn, MA)
Keith Tolley- Vision New England (Danvers, MA)
Bob and Rose Weiner, Weiner Ministries International, The Awakening New
England (Cambridge, MA)
Kit Weiss - Fellowship of Faith (Middletown, RI)
Marlene Yeo - Somebody Cares New England (Haverhill, MA) 617-543-0634 135 Western Ave. Cambridge, MA

Bethany Temple
JHOP Boston
PO Box 380815
Cambridge, MA 02238