A 17 year old prophetic dream about the Cape

by anonymous on December 1, 2009
Dear friends,
A 17 year old shared a dream about Cape Cod with the leadership of the Glory of God on Cape Cod, and we believe it is prophetic and worth sharing with you for your encouragement.
The role of the prophetic is often to infuse God's people with encouragement in our long journey of being co-workers with Him to fulfill His purposes.
This is described in Jesus's ministry by Isaiah's prophecy, That I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary (Isaiah 50:4).The Lord encouraged a weary Israel during its Babylonian captivity by telling them through Jeremiah, For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you and future and a hope(Jeremiah 29:11).
This is why the New Testament says He who prophesies speaks edification and exhortation and comfort (1Cor 14:3).
Here is the dream in the words of the 17 year old:
"I had a dream that I was watching a video clip on A news reporter with a microphone was talking about a movement on Cape Cod. She held a newspaper with the headline in bold black letters TAKING CAPE COD BACK FOR GOD. Then she started talking about prayer meetings and prayer movements in homes that were arising throughout the Cape. In the dream, I felt a distinct excitement in my spirit as I thought about what people would think of this.
I believe the dream isn't necessarily literal, but symbolic. As families began to pray for Cape Cod in their homes, as people come together for corporate prayer meetings, we will "take Cape Cod back for God." Prayer is the fuel for evangelism, salvations, and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is what will birth revival in this region. In Psalm 72, its says, "Prayer also will be made for Him [the Lord] continually, and daily He shall be praised. There will be an abundance of grain in the earth...its fruit shall wave like Lebanon; and those of the city shall flourish like grass of the earth." As prayer is offered up to God continually, we will see Cape Cod being restored to the purposes of God. Amen!"
A sister in Christ shared this credible vision of the bride of Christ on Cape Cod yesterday at the meeting:
""In a prayer meeting I saw a vision of Cape Cod from an aerial view. The land below was dark, as if it were night.
Suddenly, from one end to the other the land began to split open and a bright light burst out from within. As the land continued to open wider and wider I saw a brilliant, beautiful bride emerging. As she rose up above the ground the land closed again, under her and her long, flowing gown, in all it's beauty and light spread out and covered the whole Cape. She continued to rise above the land and when she got a little higher up, I looked down at Cape Cod and it was no longer a dark area of land, but, it had turned into a beautifully green place of light and color"
A sister shared about a dream she had on the night of February 23, 2010. Here, in her own words, is what she received:
We were all gathered for our Wednesday prayer meeting hosted this month by First Baptist Church in Pocasset. In the dream the venue was huge - the height of an aircraft hanger and the size of a football field. It was packed with thousands of people filling the isles, all the seats, standing on the stage, stairs and even on window sills. It even seemed as if people were standing on ledges on the walls.
The atmosphere was glorious  some were in deep prayer, others worshipping, some were quietly waiting on the Lord, some were just laughing and others in conversation with one another. There was a deep sense of peace and joy in the atmosphere but it wasn't quiet  the sounds of music, voices and laughter filled the air.
What stood out in the dream was the absence of artificial light, yet the building was filled with the brightest, most penetrating light that caused the different colors to come alive in all their brilliance. It was as if every single color stood out and yet mingled with the others to form the most striking kaleidoscope, almost like a painting. I took pictures of this glorious scene not just to keep it as a memory but to show to others and was surprised that, although it was indoors, the flash of the camera did not go off. I realized that it was because the light was even more brilliant than the brightest sunlight.
Through the dream, I sense the Lord just wants to encourage us of what is happening in the Spiritual realm. We so often look with the natural eyes and allow what we see in the natural to define our level of faith, our prayers and sometimes even our expectations. When we see with the eyes of the Spirit, I believe it will add a dimension of boldness to our prayers where we, like Elisha in 2 Kings 6, can pray because of what he SEES and not what he NEEDS.