Our Vision 

We are pastors and leaders from various denominational and theological backgrounds, and various locations on the Cape. We share a common vision and a collective witness of the Holy Spirit in our hearts. The theme of this vision is The Glory of God on Cape Cod. This vision along with our beliefs and core values, are articulated in this web site.
Our vision and our desire are to see the Glory of God made manifest on Cape Cod. We believe the church is living in Nehemiah's time where the church is just about to be released from her Babylonian captivity. We believe the Lord is calling us to come together as one in corporate repentance,unity , and humility, to stand in the gap in prayer and intercession for this land that the Lord sovereignly placed us in.
"So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land..." Ezekiel 22:30.
We here on Cape Cod are to rebuild our part of the broken wall, as the Lord is prompting and calling His people across the United States and across the world to repair and rebuild their part of the wall. "Come and let us build the wall of Jerusalem together, that we may no longer be a reproach...So they said, "Let us rise up and build. Nehemiah 2:17.
The Lord is calling us to unite around ONE THING, and that is to seek the return and manifestation of His Glory amongst His people, for Him to be exalted and glorified. David who is described by God as a "man after God's own heart", expressed his desire and zeal for the Lord to be magnified, when he confronted Goliath, and his motivation for that " SO THAT THE WHOLE EARTH MAY KNOW THAT THERE IS A GOD IN ISRAEL" 1 Sam 17:46.
Our vision is to come together in humility, prayer, and intercession, to seek the Lord's MANIFEST PRESENCE among us, His leading and direction, with the subsequent outbreak of revival with multitudes coming to Christ on Cape Cod and beyond.
It was said of our Lord Jesus "Zeal for Your House has consumed Me" John 2:16. May this be said in heaven about the body of Christ on Cape Cod.