A Life-giving and Life-maintaining Opportunity

by Ann Russell on February 4, 2014
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,
                                                                                                                                                      On Saturday, February 8 from 8-1 PM there will be an opportunity to take part in a blood donor drive in Centerville at 1200 Old Stage Road at Christ Chapel fellowship hall. You who can give blood are invited to take part.

Many of us have been recipients of blood or blood products in our life.  How grateful we were, and still are, that the products were available for our use, at no expense.

In 1985 I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that was killing off my platelets; they are necessary for clotting to take place. Mortality was 50% in 1985. My blood was cleansed by washing my blood cells and reintroducing them back to me. I received 22 units of fresh frozen plasma (liquid part of the blood), and units of blood as well. Have never stopped thanking The Lord for His grace and mercy to me at that time. 

We can take the ready  availability of blood and it's products for granted so easily, BUT, It requires effort on so many peoples' parts.

Blood types O positive and O negative are much needed, as well as A negative and B negative.

There is no age limit on giving blood. (17 years and over).
Even a 16 year old can give with parents permission.

Winter storms have diminished the number of drives available throughout the country this winter.

For those who can, please accept the invitation to give of yourself at this critical time.  The Red Cross is down 20,000 units as a result of donor site closures.

You may REGISTER for an appointment at : 800-733-2767.
You are welcome as a WALK-IN as well.

In Biblical times balms, wine, herbs, spices and oils were used to help the healing process. The Good Samaritan used and gave all he had to help the assaulted traveler.
Luke 10:33 relates how we can be a good neighbor, and are told to "Go and do likewise".

Though so thankful for the blood cleansing I received in 1985, above all I thank The Lord Jesus for cleansing me from my sins with His blood, giving His life that I may have eternal life with Him.

Praying for good weather! Hope to see many this Saturday.

Ann Russell, RN, MSN