A note from Seth's desk

by Seth Andreson on December 15, 2011

 Dear Fellow Believers on Cape Cod,

I just wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and give you a final update about our wonderful evening together as we sought the Lord's face together in worship and prayer.
The following were some highlights:
*A passionate message from God's Word came forth about the need to persevere as we seek to lay hold of the Lord's promise-a coming harvest of 100,000 new believers in Jesus.
*Our key text for the time of prayer went with this message.  
It was from Revelations 2-the letter to the church of Smyrna.  In it, the writer makes the point that believers in Smyrna are actually "rich", despite their sufferings.  An application of this scripture is that if we (as New Testament believers) persevere in suffering for Christ, God promises that we will not be hurt in the second death, but rather receive the crown of life.
Who might be a contemporary demonstration of this?
Go God & Go Tim Tebow!
*Different testimonies from small group prayer became a spring board for our open mic time.  Among those given, was a sense that we should not lose our joy in serving Jesus. 
An exhortation highlighting Matthew 5:43-48 was shared.  We are to love those that persecute us and view these as opportunities to see Salvation come in our day!  A psalm of great encouragement was also read, as well as a final Scripture of unity offered with closing prayer.
In final thoughts, though I wasn't able to speak personally with all of you, I did get the chance to watch in amazement as the Holy Spirit dwelt in the midst of us.  Being with you always gives me an appreciation for unity in diversity.  As a reflection of The Almighty, you are all so unique and wonderful!  Thanks for bringing God's "uniqueness" to our little church! 
The next meeting will be held on Weds evening January 25th at Gateway Christian Center in Cotuit.  For more information log on to their 
In His Grip,
Seth J Andreson
Site Pastor-The Vineyard: A Community Church (Hyannis Campus)
45 Plant Rd
Hyannis, MA