An Urgent Call to Prayer 7 7 7: Reflection on the Spiritual State of America, by Allen Hood

by The Glory of God on Cape Cod Team on July 1, 2014

            An Urgent Call to Prayer 7/7/7:
                  Reflection on the Spiritual State of America
         by Allen Hood 


  In this video:

* Urgent Call to Prayer by Anne Graham Lotz (Billy Graham's daughter)

* What did some of America's spiritual leaders call the Church to in the past? People like Bill Bright (Founder of Campus Crusade for Christ), Billy Graham, David Wilkerson, John Piper.

* How do we correctly and biblically interpret what is happening in America in our generation ?

* What are some of the barriers that cause us to misunderstand or misinterpret what God is saying and doing in our generation?

* A Call to corporate prayer for revival in America!

Dear friends,

Let us turn our ears to heaven, stand in the gap for this land, and continue to fervently pray for revival!
A consecrated, united, praying Church is the only hope for this nation!

The Glory of God on Cape Cod team