Aslan is on the Move

by Nancy Smith on January 15, 2018
Greetings to all,

I have known my friend, Julie (not her real name), for over 15 years. We met at the playground when her son was just three weeks old and I was expecting our son within two weeks. Our kids, four boys altogether, loved playing together... our husbands met and liked each other. Julie and I started doing life together. Over the years as best friends, we know each other. When it comes to belief in Jesus, it was like she had a steel door that would fall if ever a Scripture verse was mentioned, or Bible story explained... but I could tell her my own life experiences in my faith... what I'd pray about and what answers I thought I received, etc, etc. She was my friend and listened to my experiences about my faith as an extension of loving me.

About ten years ago, she went through a stage of visiting some churches, but nothing stuck. Then about two and a half - three years ago, she got very interested in afterlife and mediums. Yep, prayed a little more for her then...

About nine months ago, she was at work at a nursing home facility. The nursing home has tv monitors at the nurses station so that the nurses at the station could see what was going on in a particular patient's room. As she was walking by the nursing station, she saw on one of the monitors a bright lit figure in the room, hovering over a patient's bed who was close to dying ( I forget the total details-- I think standing at the foot of the bed). She was so surprised that she called other co-workers over to see if they too saw it. They did. She ran to the room in question, and saw the patient's daughter, kneeling on the ground beside the bed praying. She was excited about this, thinking she saw an angel.

Flash forward to Christmas Eve service... she said she wanted to go to church with me. As she had to work later that day, we went to one that started earlier... The Cause Church in Hyannis. When she came out of church, she said... "that's the first time I ever heard anyone tell the birth of Jesus as a story..."

Well, I just got a text from my friend and here are some of her quotes:

"I've been thinking how even though I had no interest in Jesus until recently, he's always been there anyway."

"Well, he's always been in my mind and all around me (songs, church, art, friends..) but I guess my eyes weren't open.. I never thought of him as a person."

I asked her how did that make her feel... her response...
"Like my heart is bursting open. I almost can't take it. When I REALLY think about it."

I know prayer did this... cause nothing else could.

Ever so grateful ...